January 9, 2016

Birthday of My Dad! & Wedding Anniversary of my Parents !

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My dad was a man of few words, did not really have great conversations with us.  But what I have observed him is that he was always smiling, trusted God in everything, and was a strong support to my mother and all of us.

As a child, I could easily complain to my dad about my brothers.  I waited for the Mondays, because that was the weekly off, wherein he could go marketing and come back home with plenty of eatables and seasonal fruits. Watching him from a distance, I would run as a child, to sit on his cycle, as he pushed it smilingly bringing me home.
Evening hours he was ready with a book that he used for family prayer, which will begin with the rosary, followed by the litany and praying for the souls.

He taught me to trust in the Divine Providence, and his favourite verse from the scripture was always: (Romans 8:28 we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.) and many more such verses, which was ready with him and used to quote to us in Tamil.

He was a great companion to my mother, helped and supported her whenever she required help – he was good at making egg sandwiches, which I learnt, and was good at mixing drinks, he never took alcohol and I always wondered how he could get the information.  I remember him giving me cherry brandy for indigestion, and also some brandy with milk when anyone in the family had cold.

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Every Monday in the evening hours, he would go to visit his elder brother at Gunrock, sometimes I used to accompany him, and watch both the brothers sit and chat, while my uncle used to sit with the cigar, my dad used to pour him a drink and eat snacks with him.

My dad was very generous and accommodative, he accommodated his brother’s family and supported them too, and along with them we also had our grandmothers, my mother’s mom, her sister and my dad’s mom in our family. Never did I see him complain about taking so much responsibility; he even gave away the house to his brother and continued to work even after retirement.

Today I am happy and proud to have had him as my DAD ! 
I acknowledge with gratitude and pray for his soul!
Happy Birthday Dad!
May his soul rest in peace!

Today is  wedding anniversary  of my parents !
Today is also my parents wedding anniversary; and it was a pleasure for us to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. They were not a perfect couple but stood by one another at all times in their lives.

My mom did everything in the family to keep us all together; without any helper she managed the kitchen, cooked, cleaned, washed and also took all of us to church.  My dad provided for the family by working hard day and night and ensured that we never went hungry to bed. My mother took initiative in enrolling us in the school and also took us everywhere for all the celebrations, films, festivals and also for pilgrimages.

Together they made our home a beautiful place – a place where we prayed together, shared our meals together, celebrated birthdays, festivals, welcomed relatives and friends and created memories that are unforgettable.  We have also experienced misunderstandings, fights, sickness, death and reconciliation and were encouraged to forgive and accept one another.

Together they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary as a couple and managed to keep us together despite all differences and prayed for the family.

Today I recall and remember with gratitude my parents who are no more in this world. But they live in my heart and my life. I continue to follow all the positive qualities they had in enabling and empowering me to trust God at all times; to work hard, to be independent and be generous with whatever I have in terms of talents and capacities..

Wishing my mom and dad a happy wedding anniversary and may their soul rest in peace…

The Greatest Gift our parents gave us was EACH OTHER”

with love and gratitude !!


  1. For a few hours I was unable to respond to your lovely post Genevive but now I can. Yesterday was truly a day with the anniversary of your parents' 50th wedding - what a wonderful birthday present on your dad's birthday!

    Yes, marriage is never plain sailing but those who stick together through thick and thin pass on valuable life-lessons to their off-spring. (Obviously only when there is no abuse of any kind). So, my hat off to them and to bearing you - and for this we are also grateful. May their dear souls rest in peace ..

    1. Thanks Susan, this is the best gift I can offer when the person is no more... I am sure he is in peace and I am glad he did what he felt was right for the family, the values he held was contagious and was easily noticed and cherished. For me 50 years in marriage is quite a long time and that makes me wonder how they had learnt to love, accept, fight, adapt each other's company and still could celebrate their togetherness. I am glad for all the lessons they had passed on.... which is truly a challenge to practice. Glad to stay connected with you Susan.. feels good:)

  2. Oh what a lovely tribute to your parents. They sound like wonderful people, so easy to see from where you got your big warm heart, values and attitude to life. Made me smile to read your words about them. Hugs sweetie:-)

    1. Hi Eli ! so nice to connect with you here; thanks for the affirmations; glad to see you smiling. You are such a positive energy yourself and have always enjoyed and loved reading your posts.. thanks for being here, appreciate you and wishing you a great year ahead 2016 :):)

  3. That's such a heartwarming and beautiful tribute to your parents. Your love for them shines through your words in this post! :)

    1. Thanks shilpa:) I do miss them now; despite all the silly fights I had with them:):) becoming a parent had helped me value and appreciate them more in my I feel blessed, because they were my parents and they did what they felt was best for me!!


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