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I’m Genevive Angela David, a native of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. My pet name is Janet.  I trace my roots from my ancestors who migrated from Sindaduraipetai (Tamil Nadu India) during the World War II.  Working in the tamilnadu armed forces, my grandfather served a particular regiment, which brought them back to Secunderabad in the 1914 and from then on they stayed back and made Hyderabad their hometown.
my parents

They spoke Tamil and converted to Christianity, thus mixing both Tamil customs and traditions with Christian concepts.  I have not seen my grand fathers from both my mothers and my father’s side, but seen both the grandmothers as a child, who died at a very ripe old age.

My parents were married as young. My dad Viaguladass worked for sailing club, which was run by the Britishers. Those days it was considered very prestigious to work for the British, and my dad spent all his life time working in this private sector. 

My mother Rose Mary was a home maker. She managed extremely well with the large family, even though she came from a family of only two members. 

She was very accommodative and generous in taking the additional responsibilities of three grandmothers and my uncle’s family. I grew up in the family of 9 children and two grand mothers (my mom’s mother and my dad’s mother) and there was also my grandmother’s older sister with us. There were 5 brothers who were older to me, and two sisters older to me and one sister younger to me. We lived in Gunrock, Trimulgherry, and we attended church services at to Holy Family Parish Church.

Our Family
We were all baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and named after the saints, by the Sisters of Charity of the congregation of Barthalomeau Vincenza.  The sisters taught catechism and all us attended church regularly, and brought up in catholic faith and tradition.   All nine of us as children studied in Holy Family School, run by the sisters of Charity in our early childhood.  Later on my brothers were moved to the boy’s school nearby.

Growing up Years!

My growing up years was very tough and challenging. I struggled to get myself educated, and took up a job immediately after my graduation, as my dad was retired from work and was working on contract.  It was very difficult for him to manage 8 children, as my eldest sister joined the Covent in her youthful days.  My dad ensured that all the children at least study upto class X.

When I found my dad struggling to make ends meet, and cycling everyday to work, in order to help us have a decent life. Even though I had my brothers and two sisters working still it was not easy for my dad. By then two of my brothers married and both my sister in laws were home makers and so it was challenging for my dad who still took the total responsibility of the family. It is in this context that I decided to take up work in a convent school, wherein I worked as a lab assistant and also a substitute teacher.

I walked almost 2 kms from my place of work every day to give home tuitions for 3 kids from the same school, where I worked in the evening hours. While returning from my home tuitions I would visit the Government College of music and dance to learn Hindustani vocal 3 days in a week, which was fun for me and I enjoyed learning to sing for two years in the college. I managed to help myself independently, studied MA History by correspondence from Annamalai University and also supported my dad too. 

While  working in the school, I involved myself in the local parish, wherein I sang in the choir, made friends, and took part in various activities in the church. Interacting with some of my friends I got close to one of the girls who sang in the choir. We shared about our lives, and our passion to serve and live a life of purpose. 

I tried to experiment by staying in a hostel and observed the life style of the nuns. In this process I joined prayer groups attended prayer meetings, bible conventions, listened to various preachers and also made a lot of new friends. I did not want to cheat myself, and so preferred to give up the idea of joining a convent.  

Journey in faith!

I moved on explored various job options on priority and took up job in a pharmaceutical company as a clerk cum typist for a year and moved on to work in another computer firm. I found my way to work in a catholic institution that focused on community health and holistic health.  I worked for almost 13 and half years in this organization, and eventually got married and was blessed with a child. We named her Maria Dorothy, who was a bundle of joy to our family.

Me and our family
Maria Dorothy our  daughter brought us so much joy to me and David ;  we loved watching her grow, thanks to the joint family system I was in; I could leave her with my mother in law and sister in law to look after her till I returned in the evening after work. They gave her so much love and affection that she never cried when I bid her goodbye to work. She had enough and more people to pamper and spoil her.

Maria Dorothy our daughter
David helped me in all the work that I did at home- he was ready to wash the baby clothes, change diapers and bring home all the groceries. David’s younger brother Vijay was very fond of her and used to give her rides in his auto and the moment Dorothy sees she would jump for joy. Dorothy’s aunt i.e. David sister was very particular about Dorothy’s diet and she would make small little dresses, pick up colorful materials to design and stitch for her.

Then I joined another voluntary sector that worked with street children, addressed issues of child labour and focused on child rights.  I was happy to serve in this place for another 7 years and got involved in all the other issues related to positive discipline, HIV& AIDS, Domestic Violence etc that organization took up as part of being relevant.

Challenging years of my life!

Then came my second child Mario Emmanuel - a Down syndrome child who shook my world and challenged me in so many ways. I learnt a lot about managing a special child who had delayed speech and was prone for respiratory issues.
My husband David had his mother to support as his father left them at a young age, he was responsible for settling his younger sibling’s brother and a sister. So he did love our child, but was not able to give as much time as required.
Emmanuel needed a lot of time for everything and it was tough for me - added to all this is that my in laws never understood our child's issues (being a male child).  I don't blame them as they were not aware of these issues of special kids. They felt that I was making a lot of fuss, when I took him for an IQ assessment, opted for special schools (as his language was delayed) he was on the border line as far as IQ is concerned. 

My husband David was very simple and had immense faith in God, so he took him to shrines, fasted, prayed and expected a miracle. I respected his decisions and went along with our kids, but still felt that along with faith one needs to be practical too to see the signs and respond to what is needed to enable and empower him. . Our daughter Maria Dorothy was very fond of him and was very supportive :) and fought with other kids for Emmanuel when they snatched his cycle or any other play articles...

I explored working from home options, did some free lance work and tried to manage my kid by taking personal responsibility to going to school with him, attending the class along with him, so that I can come home and continue to reinforce what was taught.

My Son Mario Emmanuel
Unfortunately I could not continue beyond six months, as my son was very prone for respiratory problems. He found difficult to continue school due to bad weather conditions in Hyderabad at that time in winter was 9 degrees. He fell sick, was hospitalized and finally died after celebrating his 7th birthday within a month’s time. I am thankful to my family members who stood by me in the hour of crisis and helped me cope with grief.

I must mention that I had very good friends in my life, who were extremely supportive and helped me to deal with whatever problems I faced - they were always there, like angels in disguise.  I am grateful for their presence in my life and its a blessing to have good friends.

Evolving self

I was completely broken and shattered and did not know what to do and mourned for my child. Within 40 days I get a call from one of my old friends asking me to join as a psychological counselor in a university.

I was too sad and depressed to take up a job in a helping profession. My friend encouraged and motivated me to take up this work; reluctantly I took up this work in the university as a part time counselor and gradually moved on to become a full time psychological counselor at the Osmania University, Hyderabad. 

I am also a certified Master Trainer & Counseling Supervisor for the Global Funding Programme of Osmania University (GFATM – R 7 – Global funding for AIDS, TB & Malaria).

Dorothy & Emmanuel at Infant Jesus church, Bangalore
I work as a full time psychological counselor at Osmania University, Hyderabad and derive energy from helping youngsters deal with their own issues; part of my work also involves trainings, orientation & supervision.

Me & Mario Emmanuel
My blog is an expression of gratitude to everything that I have received in my life, free of cost, leading to a happier and fulfilling life.  I want to be grateful to all those persons who have touched my life, and have helped me to take inward journey ….. I am happy and ever evolving to find new aspects of myself and enjoying my journey…..  I share with gratitude…

G Angela


  1. This is a beautiful page. I'm visiting from the A-Z challenge, and I'm following your blog because i love finding other believers in the blogosphere! I think bloggers of faith can do a lot to influence people for good. Come visit me, if you'd like. My main connection is my facebook page. That will take you to my blog, Adventures in the Ballpark.

    1. Thanks for visiting my page and I am happy too to meet a lot of bloggers here who arr so positive and encourage one another ! would definitelty like to visit your page, been out of station for few days, am back will catch up soon with a-z community !

  2. This is the second time I have read this page. It is a privilege to know you and understand your gratitude for your journey. God bless, Maria, "http://delightdirectedliving.blogspot.com/"

  3. This is the best personal blog I have ever visited :D I have subscribed your blog to read more from you. have a good day, Genevive Angela David (y)

    1. Thanks for the compliments ! I do appreciate you for your comments; Thanks for motivating me .!!

  4. What a wonderful story. I look forward to continuing to read your blog. I, too, am visiting via the A-Z Challenge....what a blessing to have found you!

    1. Thank you, I feel humbled and definitely would like to share more; I am full time working and I blog in my free time, now i have started enjoying and its becoming more of joy to write... in process of learning... thanks for your compliments, I appreciate you...

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel like I am spying because I'm not quite sure how I found your page. I think I was following gratitude links. You have a beautiful family and are blessed with a rich heritage. Blessings.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by and for your kind words, I do appreciate you for being here...

  6. I have to applaud you for being a compassionate soul in spite of the hardships of life. While reading your life's journey here, I felt touched. There is always so much to be grateful for is the lesson I am taking home from here.

    1. Thank you Anamika, its a pleasure to connect with you here and thanks for your kind words; you have made my day today.. was feeling a bit stressed, and your compliment brought a smile to my face and motivated me to sit up and catch up with other bloggers. Thanks for being here and I do appreciate you for your comments.:)

  7. You are a very strong lady. Gratitude is very difficult at difficult times. More power to you.

    1. Thanks Rashmi thats so sweet of you to be here; and yes agree with you, to be grateful in tough times is not easy. That moment and the difficult phase seems challenging, gratitude happens when we reflect back and see what the experience has brought us :)

  8. I came here through the gratitude circle. It was nice knowing about you. You are such a sweet heart .Would like to meet you when I visit Hyd .

  9. Hi Nishitha, so kind of you to stop by and leave your thoughts, I appreciate you dear and thank you very much for the compliment. Yes ! I would be happy to get in touch with you when you visit Hyderabad, you are most welcome :)

  10. Fascinating and interesting life experience. Have a few doubts to clarify. I don't know how to contact you.

    1. Thank you for your comments, appreciate you. You can contact me on janetdav@gmail.com

  11. What a journey you have traveled! And a lovely person with a grateful heart. Glad I found your blog!

    1. Thank you Lynn thats so sweet of you:) appreciate your kind words, I am happy you were here:)


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