April 29, 2016

Y –Yes I do

I have chosen 26 Tips for a Happy Married Life as my theme for A-Z April challenge, 2016. Today the word is yes I do

Recalling the wedding vows wherein the priest ask the very popular question to both of them  “ Do you promise to be true to her/him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honour her all the days of your life ? Both the man and woman say “Yes” I do for the first time and later on face a lot of challenges to continue to live that “YES”.

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Not everyone is lucky to have found a companion for their journey.  Some are yes lucky enough to have stayed together honouring the commitment.. Marital life becomes truly beautiful and is worth all the challenges; the couples face only to get transformed into meaningful and authentic relationships. As their roles keep changing, gaining new identity walking along, learning sometimes through hard way; some of life’s finest lessons.
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I can’t believe it is already 16 years when I said my “Yes” and am still living that yes, after all the ups and downs of this journey together. We have seen good times as well as bad; of course there was sickness and even death in our family.(my seven year old son) who left us shattering our lives bringing pain and heartaches.  But then we don’t forget our teenage daughter who keeps us happy, smiling and motivated with all her needs, demands, stories of her school and teaches us to learn how to operate our cell phones  J how to do on line shopping J keeps reminding how much we need to learn from youngsters J       
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Thankfully we have enough space to discover our own purposes in life, a set of friends whom we can rely upon when we are tired of our journey, meaningful work that keeps us engaged and above all a community that constantly ignites our faith in God and in one another. 
One more day to go for the challenge; feeling like an achiever to have done this post. At the same time, feeling sorry that I will miss your interactions.  I hope to catch and comment as I have seen quite a many bloggers inspiring and motivating.

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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