June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day !!

A thank you note to my dad who has been a great father, simple, humble, genuine, hard working and above all full of faith and trust in God. 

I am grateful for he taught me to pray every day;  encouraged me to trust in God. It is by his example that I learnt never to be afraid of the future but only to believe, that everything is working for the greater good.  He worked hard day and night to ensure that the basic needs of the family were met.

He was  generous with whatever you had, never hid or kept anything for himself, even in till he retired, earned and supported the family even after retirement.  He had special love for the girls, and I remember a few times when mummy lost her temper, she would want to correct us by scolding and giving one wrap, and he would be  ready to protect and shield us with a smile.  There have been times when we  complained about our brothers, only to hear him  shout at them and warn them not to lay their hands on girls.

His  commitment to  work was great, I remember him cycling for almost 5 – 10 kms to work every day and despite your ill health, you still continued to work.  I Love that brass pot, which he  brought for me from velankanni church, it is still safe in my house, whenever I look at it, I remember him with love and gratitude.

He spent all his life for the family, sacrificing his own needs to ensure that children's needs were met. single handed supported every child without showing any signs of stress; but only with faith in the Lord and cheerful smile, trusting in providence. 

when the time came for us to live for you, I feel sad I couldn't do much, and now you are no more.  You gave us so much without expecting anything in return. No amount of “THANK YOU” can express the love and gratitude in the heart. wherever you are, I want you to know that you are alive in my life by the faith you have instilled in me; and I continue this journey trusting in Gods providence as taught by you !!

May your soul rest in peace!

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