October 6, 2015

Gratitude Link up for October, 2015

Here goes my list:

       I am thankful for my good health, feeling so much better after recovering from severe cold, cough and congestion.
Thankful for the herbal leaves that is easily available for dealing with congestion, thank the gardener for sharing this plant with us. Today we have this plant in our pot, and has beautifully grown with plenty of leaves.

Thankful for my daughter for making the curry and giving me a small break in the kitchen.she took the effort of buying the chicken, and spent time mixing and marinating, before she started to make this curry.  I was so impressed that I clicked this photo..

Dorothy ready to make the curry
I am thankful to a professor who despite his busy schedule has agreed to help me and my friend to look at our data for analysis on stress and substance abuse which we need to present for a seminar.

I am thankful for some very lovely songs from Christian groups on whatsapp …... Bringing back the spark, motivating me to learn some new songs, and enjoy singing.

Thankful for a few great relationships – my two nephews Sunny and Sam for always staying in touch and for their love and care.

For the long conversations I have with my college mates.

Good friends in the neighbourhood for all the laughter and fun we have in the evening hours when we return back from our respective work places.

Thankful for this exercise … keeps me positive and happy!! Appreciating Laurel @ www.alphabetsalad.com

 Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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