January 13, 2016

2016 Word Of The Year!

This post is inspired from Laurel  Regan’s post on My 2016 word of the Year !  

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While I was reflecting about what would be that one word for 2016.
There were so many words popping up my mind. The immediate one was Happiness, Health & Harmony, as I felt that this year I need to focus on getting fit, making changes in lifestyle,  impacting behaviour change that would alter my thinking pattern, making me assertive in my  choice of food,  gratitude and overall happiness and harmony in relationships.

Later as I dug deeper into myself, I found balance would be the appropriate word – because I felt that bringing in balance would help me to stay happy, healthy and in harmony. I tried clarifying with myself as to how do I interpret balance in my life; so I started thinking and found  I was looking at my life in compartments, separating every aspect of my life -  myself, family, friends, relationships, career, interests, finances, etc. The question that I asked was how do I remain healthy?

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After some more reflection I found another word, which I thought may be more appropriate for 2016- and that was Integration, meaning I integrate all the above mentioned areas in my life as a whole thus doing away with compartmentalization, and achieving balance by being flexible and realistic in my approach towards life. This did not satisfy me; so I mulled over for a long time and suddenly I heard the word that struck a chord – “EXPLORE”

 “Explore”. This year I prefer to explore everything in my life:

  • Explore in taking time and efforts to deliberately eat healthy food; and bring changes in the kitchen, in order to sustain healthy habit for life for our family.
  • Explore in finding ways and means to get fit, searching for creative ways to exercise, meditate, and pray to add quality to my life.
  • Explore new ways to appreciate, thank and strengthen family bonds; and let go peacefully of all toxic relationships that disturbs and threatens family unity.
  • Explore and find new ways to update, myself in knowledge and skills at my work place, and ensure that I am academically sound and relevant in understanding the issues young people are facing today.
  • Explore and make some time to up scale  my blog; which I have not done for various reasons…. this year hopefully, I will attempt taking some baby steps to better my blog.
  • Explore  new places which has been my desire, hopefully this year at least one trip we will make it together as a family.
  • Explore options along with my daughter, who will complete her schooling this academic year to enable and help her to choose her career path.
  • Explore to live with minimum needs; thus redefining space at home as well as my work place.
  • Explore to be financially healthy and  share the surplus with less privileged.
  • Explore to embrace new ways to learn, discover self, and practice greater self awareness with compassion and gratitude.
 Best Wishes to all of you !


  1. I really like the word you've chosen for 2016 - and thank you for sharing a bit about how you came to decide on it. Very inspiring! I wish you all the very best as you EXPLORE in the new year. :)

  2. Thanks Laurel, glad to connect with you; will follow up with your posts, and thanks for being a great motivator, and a blessing for me so many other bloggers !!

  3. Explore! What a great word Genevive! It applies to so much as you've shown us!

    1. Thanks Susan hoping for a lot of learnings this year:)

  4. Explore! That's such a powerful word. It opens up so many doors, so many possibilities, so many learnings and so much growth! Good luck to you as you explore the various facets of your life, Genevive :)

    1. So very true shilpa !! I chose this word to bring in some very real changes in my life; that I am hoping for. I felt with this word I will not feel the pressure of achievement... but at my pace will learn more as the year unfolds. Thanks for being my inspiration:)

  5. Great word !!!! Explore Everything in 2016 !!!

  6. Thank you dear; and nice to connect with you here. wishing you great 2016 !!


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