January 23, 2016

Ten Things to be Thankful !

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  1. Glad to begin the New Year with prayer, attending mass, meeting near and dear ones good food and also watch an entertaining movie
  2. Happy to have a cleared a lot of clothes of myself and my daughter to be given away to the needy. Thus cleared all the clutter
  3. Grateful for the decision to replacing bakery items of biscuits, puffs and other readymade snacks with homemade snacks and  fruits
  4. Took initiative to begin the health check up – two are over; another two will be by the end of this month.
  5. Started homeopathy treatment for self and my daughter too to deal with hormonal issue – glad to have found a doctor so close to my residence, a discovery after living in the place for more than a decade, it was a pleasant surprise.
  6. Glad to be part of Leaders Training for young adolescents, I enjoy learning, preparing the sessions, searching for appropriate ways of presenting to youth to make it meaningful and fun.
  7. Also glad that my daughter is also attending this training; there is nothing like encouraging youngsters to be involved in meaningful activities.
  8. It’s a blessings to find bloggers who encourage, motivate and push us to think and also improve; there are so many and I feel it’s a joy to read their posts;
  9. Gifted 3 books to myself to read, for inspiration and motivation. To rediscover the joy of reading books once again in my life;
  10. Glad to reconnect with Ten Things to be thankful more, its always a pleasure for me to list out things to be grateful for;
Be Blessed & Be Happy:)


  1. - and always a pleasure to read thank you Genevive!

    1. Thanks susan for being so sweet; you are always affirming and its a blessing to connect with you :) Love and hugs !!

  2. Beautiful thankfuls, and I'm particularly pleased to see the delight with which you embrace living healthier, and having more time for books :) Those are things which make me happy, too.

    1. Thanks for being here, glad to connect with you, also happy to hear that being healthy and making time to read makes you happy :) hope and wish you a healthy year a head with a lot more books to read.

  3. We have so many things to be thankful for! Good to know that you had a satisfying and an enriching week. Which books did you buy for yourself?

    1. Thanks Shilpa, you are a blessing today; thanks for showering me with so many affirmations bringing happiness to me:) The books that I felt attracted was “The Secret” and the second one “ The Secret The Power” Both by the same author Rhonda Byrne & for light reading “You can Win” by Shiv Khera - so that my daughter also can read.


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