January 3, 2014


This post is related to Oprah Winfrey’s suggestion to write down 11 things before year ends.

 I am happy to be sharing my views, taking inspiration from
 Corinne, Shilpa    Richa    and Meena – thank you friends for inspiring and motivating me!! Here goes my list …..

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1    1.   What younger you will like about  present you
To be flexible in my plans, offering a lot of space for the unexpected twist and turns of life. To trust myself that everything is coming to aid and enable me to find myself and my purpose on this earth. So I am relaxed, for there is more to life….. than rushing to accomplish task.

2.     The watched/ read to list
I have been reading to prepare myself for the exams; hence I read a lot of printed material on psychology, browsed and discussed only psychology. It has been quite an enriching experience understanding thoughts of great authors and learning them to write for the exam. It has also enhanced my knowledge and equipped me in strengthening my capacity to work for a psychological counseling centre.

What I watched was more of an entertainment– entertaining movies with my husband and my daughter, wherein we could just be and laugh out loud, a few of Telugu and Hindi movies. When we switched on the Television, we ensured that we watch a lot of humor, rather than long serials or movies.

3.   The mistake you never want to make
The one big mistake I never want to make is to neglect my body.  Which I have done so many times in my life, giving up walking, ignoring the healthy diet, mindless eating and not affirming and appreciating the body enough. Thereby inviting a lot of problems causing discomfort and un necessary demand on the body, leaving me tired and stressed.

Today I feel happier, healthier with everyday yoga, meditation and picking up the right type of food for myself and my family.  I have initiated a lot of changes in the kitchen, and have ensured that we cook and eat, healthy meals and avoid bringing  junk and bakery items at home as much as possible. 

4    Your ideal outfit
Salwar kameez with soft shoes for my feet is the most ideal outfit, as I wear that every day to my office, to keep me comfortable and active enough to move around freely.

5.    A Deep Dark shhh secret
There is no secret so dark or deep, as I am quite open with my life, at one point of time I thought I would choose to live a single life, but somehow did not attempt, as it was contradicting my personality. (I am more a family person, choosing to be single may not have been the right choice). And I am glad that I did not make a choice to be single.

6.        Most unexpected compliment you ever got
One morning, while travelling to office, my bike suddenly stopped in a lane.  I was in a hurry to reach, so I started kicking my bike, but it wouldn’t start.  I struggled for few minutes and was very frustrated.

Giving up I tried to turn the handle to leave it at home and take an auto.  Meanwhile on the opposite side of the road, I found a couple and a young girl watching me, asking me to wait. I did not understand, so stood there to find out what they were trying to tell me, so I stood there and waited.

I thought the man was coming down to help me start the bike; instead he was busy talking on the cell phone. Then suddenly I found a mechanic coming towards me from saboo motors, he immediately checked and helped me start the bike. (later on I understood that man was calling their mechanic) I was surprised to receive help from the family who were total strangers. I was so thankful to see them smiling at me and bidding me goodbye. I rode with gratitude and even made a blog post of that experience.

7.    That one quote
Golden Rule of Jesus “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Lk.6:31 from the Bible.

8.          The best surprise you have ever had
My salary was delayed for a few months and it was very frustrating to continue to work in the Counseling centre. I was trying to explore other possibilities of moving out in order to ensure that I have regular income. 

Suddenly my Head of the Department walks into my centre and surprises me with blank cheque apologizing for the delay, making a total payment and assuring that it will not happen again.

She also appreciated me and acknowledged my work and empowered me with another two persons to assist me.

9       Your true happiness
My true happiness comes in being myself, without having to live upto anybody’s expectations, to live a life filled with gratitude for everything in me and around me.

10.      Your favourite failure
Procrastination – I create goals, strategize, make action plans and then keep postponing. Now I have learnt that it is not enough to create plans on the paper, but to also surround myself with people who are committed towards self growth, and who will inspire and motivate me to be persistent and persevering.

  11.    An amendment to the bucket list.
I made a huge bucket list, which has lot of things I want to do, and quite a lot of places I want to visit, but I found that whatever I have put in the list, I have not created any financial plan to back up.

This time, I am hoping that my bucket list will be more realistic, and easier to achieve, looking at visiting nearby places, which will cost me less, and also help me bond with my family and relatives, and get to see the historic sites too.

This year I would also like to give some more time for blogging, after my A-Z April blogging and July one month’s blogging experience, I was very happy to be connected and also was inspired and motivated to meet so many different kinds of bloggers who are making a difference in so many ways, and I definitely would like to be part of the group.  Hoping to make time write, and discipline myself and commit at least to write two or three blog post in a week.

I am glad to write the above post, and it took some time for me to think deeply, and also focus on what matters, which will help me to bring in positive changes in my life to be a better person, and share my learning’s generously with gratitude.

Thanks to all of you who have been my inspiration throughout 2013! 
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  1. So nice to read about your 11 things, Genevive. Agree taking care of your health is the best gift you can give yourself. Wishing you a very satisfying and happy. :)

    1. Thank you shilpa,
      I first read your 11 things, and was really motivated, and then I went to looking at the chain that was created, was happy to read richa, corinne's & Meena's too. Thanks for your motivation and wishing you the best in everything you do ...

  2. Superb Aunty, Loved reading it.

    1. I am glad Carmel, you liked what I posted... thanks for the compliment, hugs to you and the little one...

  3. I smiled through this, Janet. How much we've all moved, haven't we? :)

    1. Happy to see your comment... .. am smiling too.. I just found a lovely card, which you have given me in 2000 that says -

      Friend Lets break rules, Lets tempt fate, Lets change our minds, Lets change our paths, Lets change our styles, Lets take chances, Let's break the mould. Together, let's keep getting better, not just old..... no matter what Let's Always be Friends !!!!!

      A prophecy coming true in our lives .. thanks & hugs corinne.


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