January 1, 2014


January 2, 2014 is Mario Emmanuel’s 3rd Death Anniversary. Time flies so quickly, can’t imagine, it’s already three years since he left us, the memories are still fresh, looks like he was gone yesterday!

The image of his smiling face still is so vivid and clear, every gesture and action is unforgettable, and the sweetness of his hugs and the gentleness of his embrace will always be in my memory. 

I only need to  close my eyes, and he is there standing  in front of me, with his small little  tender hands, holds me close to his face, wipes my tear and plans a kiss on my forehead and laughs clapping his hands bringing me joy.

I am privileged! To have had a Son so very special, who needed so much love, extra care, innocent and pure … I thank the Lord who found me to do that special job to look after, making me a special mom.

My heart sings with gratitude for Emmanuel who made my faith stronger and love richer!!



  1. God bless Angela. Emmanual looks such a cheerful boy from his pictures. You're such a strong and selfless mom and this post depicts that.

    1. Thanks for your affirmation, I am lucky to have had such a sweet and innocent child in my life to have taught me to love... I still feel the pain of his loss, at the same time I also feel honoured to have been his mom..


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