January 10, 2014

Bidding Good Bye to 2013! & welcoming New Year 2014!

Its pleasure to look back at the year 2013 and be grateful for all that has been, I am so happy to have made so many changes in my life. I remember, with enthusiasm preparing myself to embark on the journey of empowering myself.
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So I began with the first priority of taking care of my health – meaning to take an inventory of how healthy I am, and what changes are required to keep me healthy and happy!

I went for a physical check up, got a minor surgery done which was pending for a long time.  Visited the dentist and got all the dental issues solved. Explored alternative ways of reducing my weight incorporated Yoga, Meditation and calorie management.  Now I am motivated to continue with my small victories, of feeling good, eating right and exercising the body.

Another important aspect of my life was to be academically sound, in the subject that I am working on. So my focus was to equip myself with knowledge, take classes, write my assignments and complete my PG in psychology. I am still continuing to pursue ongoing educational programme in psychology, whenever and wherever there is opportunity for me to improvise myself.

I spent a good lot of time with my family, watched almost a dozen movies with my husband and daughter and entertained myself, and also enjoyed their company.

I have also met a lot of youngsters, through orientation programmes related stress management, suicide prevention and positive mental health. The visits of the colleges and go around in the campus, listening to students kept me vibrant and enthusiastic.  I also learnt so much in my interactions and the learning was continuous, helping me understand their issues better.

I associated myself with a women’s organization, and evolved a lot of need based activities in the community, which gave rise to a 6 month pilot project on domestic violence in collaboration with other NGO’s working in the similar field.

I enjoyed A-Z April blogging & the July whole month blogging. I was glad to visit many bloggers, and also receive a lot of affirmation and encouragement.  When I look back I feel so much richer, blessed and grateful for the year 2013!!
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I welcomed this New Year 2014 with an open arms wanting and willing to reset my goals again, a realistic one of what I would want to achieve for myself in this year, as an individual and also as a family.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciate you for commenting….. Which motivates me to keep writing… and sharing  …. To inspire myself and Journey in gratitude !!



  1. Aunty, you are an Inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Carmel.... I am glad to hear from you, appreciate your comments !!


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