January 14, 2014

Visit to Medak

Medak is one of district of Andhra Pradesh, it is 90 kms from Hyderabad and it’s famous for one of biggest church in the state as well as in Asia. It’s also a popular pilgrim centre now and a lot of people visit the church, as it has beautiful paintings inside and the tall structure is very visible when you enter the district.

I chose to visit this place, as it was nearest to Hyderabad. My daughter loves historic sites, this time the sankranti holidays were long, as the university closed on second Saturday followed by another two days for the festival. 

The opportunity was just right, so I planned this trip with my friend Aparna and her daughter Arushi. We booked a cab for ourselves to  take off to a far off place away from the city, into a small village to spend some quiet time walking in the fields, eating sugarcane and breathing the fresh air, enjoying the company of friends.

After spending some time in the church, we went to one of our friend’s house and enjoyed special lunch, which was made with great care.  There were plenty of kids and my daughter Dorothy and Arushi had a great time playing with the other kids.

Then we went to small villages in the radius of 5 kms which had only 20 families. The elders in the village were in their 80’s and 90’s. 

The traditional houses were made of tiles, the place was neat and clean.  Every house had a kitchen garden and vegetables are grown. There were lovely red roses bloomed and very attractive.

It was a refreshing experiencefor a whole day to be away from the city life, to surround oneself with the beauty of the fields, interacting with simple people around, just doing nothing.

I am glad to begin the New Year with my first holiday at nearest place.  Hope to visit many more new places within my state, and also get in touch with my loved ones and friends. 

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