January 18, 2014


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Last week I was riding as usual from home to office. Trying to reach my centre on time.

 I raised the accelerator of my bike, which was speedily bumped on a huge speed breaker ahead. 

Due to the speed my cell phone which was in my driving coat fell off on the road side.  Unaware of my phone falling away. I drove in a hurry, and reached on time.

I continued with my routine work at my centre, and then after some time, I took my bag to take out my   cell phone, as I needed to make a few calls. I found my cell phone missing.  I tried searching my whole bag, but could not find it. 

Then I told my colleague, if he can go down and check, whether I left in the driving coat, which I keep in the bike along with my helmet. He came back stating that he could not find my cell phone.  I did not know what to do; I started wondering whether it’s time for me to get a new cell phone, as I have been using this for the last 5 years.  My daughter keeps on reminding me that I should get a good one with the latest “what” app etc… but somehow I never felt convinced, the need for it.

Meanwhile my colleague started calling my number, and there was immediate response from the other end.  An unknown stranger found my cell near the road side and was trying to trace the owner.  Luckily I could speak to him, for he was very kind to return to me, on the same day.

He directed me to his office and I quickly went to meet him, to take back my cell phone.  I was so happy to get back my phone which has become my companion that connects me to my family, to my colleagues, and to my friends.  I thanked the gentleman who was honest and kind to have returned the phone to me.
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Feelings of gratitude were so overwhelming, that I started praying for this stranger and blessing him from my heart, wishing him happiness, peace and prosperity.  I can never forget the face of this stranger who chose to be kind.

Kindness creates a magic, this year I choose to be kind to everyone around me.  I refuse to be grumpy, harsh and judgemental. Instead choose to be  kind to myself and others. 

There is a nice saying I heard, that says “kindness is the rent that you pay for occupying the space on this earth”

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Your thinking on kindness is great.Thank you so much for your nice blog.

    1. Appreciate you for stopping by and thanks for your comments !

  2. It was very kind of him. You're lucky to get back your cell and also to meet such a trustworthy person in these current times.

  3. Very true Diana, I felt so lost without the cell, and its nice to find people who are kind, I was so happy to get back, it means also getting back the connections with people who you love..thank you for your comment !


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