October 13, 2010

Marriage Anniversary

Eleven years have passed by since my marriage. Time just flies. When I look back, there is so much to share. Marriage has transformed me and has given me a new definition of who I am, and it has made me sensitive, humane, courageous and responsible. Marriage brings in problems in perceptions of how one views oneself, life, God and others – and it becomes a challenge in accepting another person in our life who is very different from us, in every way.

Living together provides an opportunity to look at the weaknesses and limitations of our spouses, demanding us to accept and accommodate ourselves in the new situation in order to give a chance for the marriage to succeed.  

My experience says that only a happy person can be happy in marriage, as happiness is a choice and a decision one makes in life. I have come across inspiring persons who were happy as a spinsters and now continue to remain happy even after marriage. It's not that they are lucky. When we look at their lives, they are faced with enough and more challenges. They are happy because they have had made a decision to be happy,  no matter what happens in life.

Today I am thankful to God for the last eleven years of our married life, and all that marriage has brought in, a combination of joys, sorrows, sickness, health and above all learnings which has made me not only tough but also tender Marriage has also brought in beautiful relationships, deepened my faith in God and has taught me to enjoy the journey.

Today I am thankful for all the persons in my life who have accompanied me, my parents who brought me up and gave me space to grow, my brothers and sisters from whom I learnt the joy of sharing and caring in a large family, my husband and his family for their support while I worked, my friends for being my inspiration and strength.

Today I celebrate the joy of journeying together, sharing what I have received with love and gratitude.

May you be Blessed today!


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