October 13, 2010

Celebrating Motherhood

While I helped my sister-in-law with packing and preparing for hospitalization, during her recent pregnancy, my thoughts took me back to my own first pregnancy. It brought back memories of all those lovely people in my life who had been a great source of strength and support, and I thank God for the gift of them in my life. I recall my brother and sister law, Danny and Mary who made me feel at home in their house, as my mom was living with them, I moved to their house to be with my mom. Mary was very kind and looked after me well, taking care of my diet, my health needs, and also she was with me in the hospital when I delivered my first baby girl, who was a miracle in my life.

Despite having their own two girls in school, they reached out to me, which always fills me with gratitude whenever I recall. Another very important and significant person was Dr Evita Fernandez, who inspired me with my very first meeting and interaction at her hospital. I can never forget her; she beautifully accompanied me in my journey into motherhood.

She was not only helped me with my physical health, but also enabled me to look at the faith dimension, an angle that is so very important, and which challenged the core of my own Christian faith. She was a person with beautiful combination of knowledge, wisdom and faith, she taught me to celebrate motherhood. I am glad to have known her, and today I want to pray for her and bless her with the very best in life. Thanks Dr Evita, you shall continue to live in our lives! Thanks for making a difference!

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