October 25, 2010

My Mom's Birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday, and I miss her so much in my life,  there is so much to talk about her,and so much to share, I found this little poem so apt  to what I feel about my mother.


I am what I am.
I have chosen my path, set my own future,
but all that I am, I owe to you Mom.
You instilled in me a sense of value
and taught me the way I should go.
The love you showed me
will always be with me.
I know no matter where I go or what I do,
your love will always follow.


  1. Angela, That's such a sweet poem.. a fitting expression of love towards your mother. :) Regds, Punam

  2. Thanks Punam, very kind of you, I miss my mom, she was a great support to me, and i feel her absence now. thanks again, G Angela


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