April 1, 2019

Gratitude Post – March 2019

The third month of the year- March has gone even before I realized and the 4th month – April is already here. Like the last month this month too had so many ups and downs, what kept me going was the daily gratitude journal which I made it a practice to write everyday things that I am grateful for which kept shifting my focus constantly enabling me to stay in gratitude despite whatever happens in my life.

While I look at my diary every page full of small little things that raised my energy levels – I am glad that I have learnt the art of staying in peace and gratitude right through the days and also have accepted the fact that life will be this way, there’s no smooth ride for anyone in this world. Every person is fighting their own battles and whatever experiences life offers – I will accept it with a grateful heart and continue my journey believing that “the best is yet to come” and I am in process of creating the best version of myself.

Hence I refuse to explain myself; take no stress and pressure from anyone or any situation – Be calm, in control and focus on what’s the most important for my life. With these thoughts I have just put randomly out of many things my gratitude list for the month of March 2019.

I have been regularly using the tread mill every day and am glad to be consistent, grateful for the opportunity and availability of this machine to be able to work out. I have also added sprouts to my regular diet along with some green salad and fruits – being summer, nice to have water melons, grapes and sometimes papaya too.

My daughter completed her intermediate II year exams this month. She had a ten day gap for the last paper which was English Literature and now she is relaxed, spends time learning new songs, playing the keyboard and attends church with her friends.

Grateful for my nephew Ezekiel who survived a major accident and hurt his legs and had scratches on his face and hands….. It’s a miracle that he managed to escape death. Thankfully there were no deep injuries in the head or any other part of the body.

I was surprised by one of David’s friend who is a musician and teaches my daughter to play keyboard, when he came home for the classes – he wished me for women’s day and affirmed me with a lovely compliment and a huge Cadbury silk chocolate – this surely was a great treat for me especially when I returned after a tired day’s work at campus.

Glad to have watched a Hindi Movie “Gully Boy” with my friend and enjoyed Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in action – a movie of a different kind by Zoya Akhtar who always comes up with creative out of the box content.

Meeting classmates and friends for Dinner, enjoying a great meal – laughing, joking and sharing our experiences, clicking some pictures to make these moments a memorable one. One friend made homemade snacks for all of us –and another one just returned from a short tour and picked up a popular sweet for all of us – felt thankful by their thoughtfulness and love, consider myself blessed to have friends who care.

Grateful for Nathu – my nephew’s son who celebrated his birthday on the 25th of this month – I could take some time out on Holi (which was a holiday for me) and spend few hours with my brother’s family, attempted to drive the car on my own – feeling victorious J that I could be on a busy road with family members in the car and reach home safely.

This month was also my friend Neomi’s birthday, another inspiring lady in my life who stood by me in the worst situations and been a long time friend. She is not only a great friend – but also someone who’s wants to make a difference in the lives of people, and we have been working together nearing a decade and while we meet up to plan and do some meaningful work in the community through the #Ywcaofsecunderabad - through our committee meetings – we took the opportunity as a team to celebrate her birthday that is on 28 of this month. To appreciate, affirm and pray for her well being and thank her for the support and guidance.

This month we facilitated Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place (POSH) a session to the staff of the #Ywcaofsecunderabad an interesting topic, orienting the staff to understand this subject and be aware of its implication. Which will be further followed up by having a policy for the organization and   ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) in place. This year we have our focus on implementing these sessions in companies/offices/institutions.

I am glad to go for a Dental check up and found that I needed a root canal treatment; which took priority and am happy that we have very good Dentist in our area, who is David’s friend and so I felt comfortable and safe to get it done without any fear and anxiety J

I also connected this month to a friend on a long distance call after a span of 3 years and it was so refreshing to talk and hear about all the happenings in our lives and show concern about each other. ..

My mother in law  stopped eating and was  not in the conscious state, David continued to sleep during the nights watching over her and keep shifting her position as she cannot move, on the 28 of March she breathed her last and we buried her the next day after the service in the church – this was the saddest experience of the month especially for David  and his sister who were very attached to her – they did everything possible to enable her to move on peacefully without having to struggle much and it’s been a blessing to have  a peaceful death. 

There’s still lot more formalities and rituals that follow  which will get over in 40 days time – the grief will still be there, as every person taken their own time to grieve… .. .
Mrs Maggie - May her soul rest in peace
Life goes on and focusing on gratitude to what she was to everyone in the family, will help us to continue our lives and teach us to value the gift of life and empower us to improve the quality of our lives.

My mother in law Mrs Maggie  kind, generous, accommodative and a strong person; Despite a lot of challenge in her life, she took care of all her children and helped them to achieve their goals. She was very helpful to me  and I could work and continue in my career because my kids were looked after by her till they reached the school going age. I am grateful for her contributions in my journey for being supportive and generous, May her  soul Rest in Peace.

Thanks for reading this post….hope you had a great month… wishing you a Amazing April..

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing

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