April 1, 2019

#A-Z April Challenge 2019 - A

PC Maria Dorothy @ Sattal 
I have chosen the theme for this year’s challenge as “Nature” which is my favorite place to be surrounded with. I have always loved the trees, mountains, rivers and forests thats fully green and to be surrounded by green all over you is a treat for the eye.

It’s so refreshing to walking around the green path and be open to the early morning chirping of the birds, coolness of the breeze that makes it enables one to take the inward journey of reflection, of introspection to seriously look at self to find whether one is happy and living a meaningful & fulfilling life.

Hence I will post a lot of pictures about Nature in varied locations for 26 days and write what touches and inspires me thus enjoying the journey and hopefully visiting my blogger friends. 

I would like to begin today’s journey with the word “Appreciate” I would like to acknowledge and appreciate this brand new day, for being Alive – Active – Aware. I like this image which is a place to start the journey looking at the Sun Rise – which is inviting us to rise up and keep walking no matter what happens in life – so get ready for a walk along with meJ

What are your thoughts about this picture – would love to hear from you !

Wishing all of you Happy Blogging.


  1. What a lovely theme and start Genevive! As I write from the comfort of my bed in the early hours, I am am witnessing the most beautiful sunrise and am so appreciative of G.d's beauty - your photo is lovely!

    1. Thank you susan:) pleasure to hear from you and so eager to visit your space for the A-Z April Challenge, all the best to you, an appreciate your comment.

  2. That's such an amazing capture, Genevive. Yes, the pic reminds of a new day for which we should be appreciative of. And also gives new hope and aspirations.

    1. Thank you shilpa, nice to hear from you and also happy to know that you liked this picture and its reminders:)


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