April 2, 2019

#A-Z April Challenge 2019 - B

I have chosen the theme for this year’s challenge as “Nature” which is my favorite place to be surrounded with. I have always loved the colour green and to be surrounded by green all around you is a treat for the eye, bringing a refreshing feeling and calming our minds

Hence I will post a lot of pictures about Nature in varied locations for 26 days and write what touches and inspires me thus enjoying the journey and hopefully visiting my blogger friends. Wishing all of you Happy Blogging. 

“Believe that Life is worth living and your Belief will help to create the fact” William James

PC Maria Dorothy @ Horsley Hills

So many words came to my mind when I thought of B - Beliefs, Believe, Beauty, Bold, Brave and Bloom. Among all these words I live the word Beliefs as it’s a powerful word that cans empowering or even disempowering a person in life. We all have our own beliefs about everything under the sun and it influences strongly shaping our thoughts, which in turn impacts our feelings and behaviour. 

Most of the time I encounter youngsters with faulty beliefs and perceptions – once they are taught how to correct and embrace a new thought patterns everything about them changes. “The only limits you have are the limits you believe says Wayne Dyer.” 

Be Happy & Be Blessed !!


  1. Love your theme and your thoughts, Genevive. True, self belief is the key that can open so many doors. So yes everything changes when you believe in yourself, your potential and have positive thoughts and beliefs.

    Shilpa Garg #AtoZChallenge

    1. Glad to have you here shilpa and also happy to know that you love my theme, as rightly put it self belief is the key:) with this belief I am hoping to complete this challenge.. thank you

  2. Belief - in a higher Being allows one to more easily believe in one's self maybe? Lovely post Genevive, thank you!

    1. Yes Belief in a higher being gives one confidence in one self, appreciate your comment.


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