March 1, 2019

Gratitude for February 2019

Every month is a new experience-  take a deep breath, smile and start again. 

Today is the last Thursday and last day of this month. I am happy to be making this post, as being thankful and recording every little thing in my gratitude journal has made it so easy and simple for me to do this post; adding value to my living.

Writing down these thoughts has kept me happy, as each time I write small little things and reflect – I relive and there’s a smile on my lips and gratitude in my heart. This month my focus was clear:
Glad for the gift of the treadmill and also for my ability to work out for 35 minutes every day burning 70 -75 calories - feels so good to be motivated and sweating it out. Also do some yogic stretches and breathing exercises which are very helpful.  I have included a lot of greens in the diet and have started drinking warm water, especially after the congestion in my chest, I changed from cold to warm water and it’s helping me and  my throat issues and congestion in the chest  has reduced to certain extent. I continued to practice affirmations, pray, meditate and practice mindfulness as much as possible.
Sailing club Annex - Secunderabad.
Grateful for the peace and understanding in the family; to be able to adapt and adjust with each other as per the need and requirements. David continues to give a helping hand to his sister who looks after my mother in law – who is stable at the moment, being fed by tube and is in vegetative state, myself and Dorothy stay in touch and keep visiting her every other day. Thanks to my mother in law’s sisters who regularly visit and sometimes spend the night in her house. As a family we try our best to have at least one meal together, updating everything that each of us are involved with, supporting and encouraging one another.
I believe in constantly updating myself and keep educating myself as life has so much to offer – I am happy continuing my education and  initiated my research work. This month I am grateful for a workshop I attended on Resilience and childhood adversaries at IIT Kandi, Hyderabad- an interesting topic and there was so much learning listening to the speakers, having a live case study and feedback as to how a person can bounce back despite early child hood adversities.
IIT Kandi, Hyderabad
Friends/Food / Fun
Feel blessed to be surrounded by women who laugh, party, enjoy good food and also be involved in meaningful work – an Anglo-Indian party in the #YWCAof Secunderabad. I had a great time attending this party with my daughter enjoying the games, learning about their background, dancing and having a sumptuous lunch with delicious pudding – one of the simplest de stressing moment of the month.

Happy to attend an Alumni meeting of our college at the Sailing Annex – an evening with both the juniors and seniors – felt so good to reconnect with my class mates and also with our senior batch students from the 70’s batch – having hi tea/coffee with sandwiches, cutlets, fried items what I enjoyed the best was the sweet pudding along with sharing our thoughts to see how best we can net work and do something positive as a group.

loved this Pudding:)
One of my friends dad expired and it was shock to her, as it happened so suddenly that the she was not prepared. These experiences bring a lot of pain and helps us pause for a while and reflect to check on what we are busy with; and whether we are spending time for meaningful activities that add value in life. For me these events can reorient and help me to focus towards what matters the most.

Grateful for good friends who can accept, appreciate and be open to share their thoughts/feelings despite of differences. Glad to have watched a Hindi movie with my friend Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to Aisa Laga ( meaning - I saw a girl and she seemed...)  – on sexual orientation of a young girl, enjoyed the way this subject was dealt with sensitivity.
Grateful for the work - I can't believe I have completed 8 years :) joined on the valentines day.  This work gives me opportunity to keep meeting students, listening to their issues which influences my perspectives of student life, giving me understanding to a variety of problems – and how it impacts and interferes academically, sometimes challenging me to change my own beliefs and thought processes. There were also sessions on peace education programme by Shri Prem Rawat and psychological counseling sessions to the NSS students (National Social Service) and students from the astronomy department. Which kept me busy and happy in attending meetings, taking sessions and enjoying my work.
A session with Department of Astronomy

A week workshop for the students
Learning a New Skill:)
I surprised myself to learn a new skill i.e., driving a car – feel happy and confident to be able to drive around in the neighborhood and gradually increasing the distances day after day – grateful for the gift of a car and glad to be on the driver seat – during one of my car learning lessons I got stuck in the traffic and was struggling to reverse and there comes a young man, a stranger to me and gently helps me drive and pulls me out of the traffic jam J I felt so good amidst the horns and the noises around, there was one  kind person who stepped in to reach out to me, and that gave me confidence to trust and believe that there are plenty of good people around.

I am grateful that one more month in 2019 has gone and I have nothing much to complain about – there’s always enough of everything, content with a roof over my head, family to support and never have gone hungry. I am enjoying being part of the Tree love posts hosted by Parul; #WAWTB posts that highlights  sharing the positive stories from around the world.

There are plenty of things happening around, the tension in our borders, the road accidents, suicides every day, violence - amidst all this there are also peace talks, there are also individuals and institutions and Non government sectors working  reaching out - gratitude post has shifted my focus to not only the positive but enabled me to continue to rise above the daily challenges and still be productive.

How was your February ? would love to hear from you, wishing you a Magical March filled with enthusiasm and peace.

Be Happy ! Be Blessed !


  1. Learning never ceases. Great to see you studying and learning new skills. Enjoy driving car!! Happy March Ahead,

    1. Thanks Shilpa:) you are absolutely right. I am happy to be exploring and constantly challenging myself to upgrade myself and enhance my capacities.

  2. Such a wonderful post with so much to be thankful about. Keep the good cheer going. Thanks for sharing. #WATWB

    1. Thanks for stopping by:) appreciate your kind words, glad to connect with you here.


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