May 25, 2018

# WATWB - Latha Bhagawan Kare

A farm Laborer earning Rs 80-100 per day, mother of 4 children lives with her ill husband, son, daughter in law and a grandson. She came in search of work from Buldhana to Pimpli four years ago and could not find steady employment.  She is 65 year old lady who dared to run marathon bare feet wearing a 9 yard saree. She is Latha Bhagwan Kare hailing from Pimpli village, Maharashtra. She won the senior citizen category of Baramati Marathon, winning the prize money of Rs 5000 which she used to run her family of 5 members.

Latha heard about the marathon from her neighbor, while she was trying to collect money to pay for the MRI of her husband, another neighbor gave her the idea, he family supported her decision, though initially her son objected as she had fever the previous night and he was worried; but this courageous lady went ahead despite all challenges and won the marathon. Latha says that she is used to walk in the mornings daily but never ran, even if she tried she found strange looks from those around and had to deal with their uncomfortable questions.

When she started overtaking the competitors one by one, she says she gained confidence and energy and she kept affirming herself that she will win and she did it. She wants to take part in more races to raise money to treat her husband.

Latha has made her family and community proud by taking part in the marathon and also winning. Like any other laborer her diet is simple with chapatti and vegetables. She walks a lot performing her daily errands, practicing was never her problem says Latha as she has three daughters all of whom are married and sty within the radius of 4 kms from her residence. She steps out every morning form bringing milk and goes to meet her children, this has kept her fit. Latha is a beautiful example to tell us that age is just a number; and the courage, determination and confidence that she displays is inspiring.

I am inspired by Latha today as I make this post; am glad to have read about her and it’s my privilege to share and spread some positivity in learning from a woman from simple and humble background the meaning of winning despite all obstacles in life.

Appreciate the co hosts for this month :  Shilpa Garg, Inderpreet Kaur Uppal, Peter Nena, Andrea Michaels, Damyanti Biswas. 

Thank you for reading my post, hope to inspire and be inspired J

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. Wow Genevive!!! Bravo to Latha! God was clearly on her side and gave her wings to fly first to the finish line! Bless this good woman ❤️

    1. True Susan, you are right she is a strong lady and full of faith in herself and had the courage to take the opportunity for a noble cause.... help her husband.

  2. Latha's story is so awe-inspiring!! She has proven that with grit and determination, you can achieve anything. More power and happiness to her.

    1. Agree shilpa and so very right, nothing is impossible for those who have faith and are willing to take the risk to achieve.. i am so impressed with her.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment, and yes it is heart warming.


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