May 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Brother Francis !!!

I am re posting this  for my brother today, who is celebrating his birthday as well as his 38th wedding anniversary.   I am happy to write a few words about him as I feel a sense of gratitude towards him for his presence in our family.
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Dear Brother Francis!

Today I want to thank and appreciate you for your gift in our family, you have always been responsible and I remember that you had started working at a very young age, to support our family and dad who managed the family all by himself.  I recall how you managed the accounts both at work and at family.  Whatever you earned you gave daddy to maintain the family, you were very simple and even now lead a very simple life; I have seen you being very disciplined and particular in handling money, for you valued both time and money. 

I appreciate your deep faith in God and the love you had, for your only son sunny Emmanuel who was loved and pampered in our house. I found you to be a very loyal son, a concerned brother, a committed husband, affectionate father, a decent father in law and a very loving grandfather.

I can never forget the incident that happened when I was just 3 and half years old.  Mother told me that you used to carry me around at home while she was busy in the kitchen and you used to wash my face, comb my hair and take care of me.  
My second brother Francis with his family !!
I remember vividly being in a large family of nine children, how everyone had one particular task to accomplish to help mother.  And I recall yours was to clean the chimneys of the lanterns, as those days we did not have electricity, all the houses had lanterns, for which kerosene was used for burning. 

Being very small, you were carrying me around in the evening hours, around 6.30.p.m.  It was your turn to clean the chimneys of all the lanterns – so you kept kerosene in a small container, on a small table and went to bring the lanterns in order to pour kerosene in the lamp. 

By the time you returned, I had taken that small container of kerosene and emptied it in my mouth– you came back with the lantern, after cleaning the chimneys and was trying to look for kerosene in the container, to your shock, the container was found empty, the reactions were clearly seen on my face, and you became numb and paralyzed, and alerted other members at home, and I was rushed to the emergency ward in the hospital, nearby and was given a total stomach wash. 

Whenever I think of this incident, it sends a chill down the spine, I could have been killed, but I have survived, the Lord helped me survive – and I am grateful for the gift of life. Today I am glad to be alive, and happy to see you with grand children and spending time praying for people as a pray warrior.  May the Good Lord Bless you  and your family and Grant you good health of mind, body & Spirit, let there be love, joy, peace, harmony in you and your family.

Thanks to Dorothy for this picture.
On this beautiful day, I also want to wish you a very happy and fulfilling wedding anniversary - May the Lord Bless you and Anni (sister in law) with good health and grant your hearts desire.  Anni is a committed companion to you; who has stood by you at all times in keeping your family and our family together.  

Today I want to appreciate her to for being loyal, mature, understanding.  I have always enjoyed her cooking, which used to be and is still now very delicious, my family has always appreciated her cooking - my daughter tells me to learn and upgrade my skills from her. My love and hugs to both of you on your  wedding Anniversary

With gratitude!


  1. Jiji, Thanks a million. We have read the Blog and it was really touching.
    I am really glad to see such good words about my dad.

    Thanks a million.
    Sunny Emmanuel

  2. Sunny, you are most welcome, there is goodness in all of us, and I have lovely memories of you as a baby.

    You are a blessing to our family, for you brought a lot of joy among us, I am happy to share what I experience, for by doing that I am reliving those beautiful moments of life! take care!


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