May 24, 2018

Memorable May 2018

“Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments and memories, which when put all together creates unique treasured master piece.”

The end of April 2018 my friend from Chennai was here with me in Hyderabad; visiting me after 30 years, she had come earlier before we were married and stayed with me for few days while my mom was alive  sometime in 1988 and after 3 decades she made an attempt to come and stay with me. I was so glad to have her and her husband for 3 full days and took time to move around the city showing some historic places and at the same time enjoying her company. May being very hot in Hyderabad never mattered :) because of the presence of a friend.  I collected all the moments of this month to make a beautiful collage of my life in order to create a treasured memory.

This month was birthday of Sam my nephew, who visited us after attending mass - it was my pleasure to have him for in the early hours, join us for prayers and breakfast with our  family J .

I am glad to celebrate the Mother’s day at the YWCA (Young Women Christian Association of Secunderabad).  The dress code was orange/yellow colour representing enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, encouragement and  yellow representing joy, happiness and energy. It was a fun filled evening as all the members were asked to send their best photograph with their moms and also share the favourite snacks of their moms. So I packed my mother’s favourite snacks and my daughter packed my favourite J
Thanks to Nymphea for these lovely pics
Group Photo on Mothers day@#YWCA of Secunderabad
I was glad to pick up my mom’s and mine pic and my daughter picked up hers and mine…. Looking out for the old pics brought in some lovable memories and moments that I relived and was happy about.  My joy was doubled as my daughter picked up her favourite picture of mine with her and it was put together at the YWCA and was shown on an LCD bringing smiles and warmth among the members. This was followed - a potluck wherein each of the members shared with the group.

Thanks to Dorothy for these pics:)
This month we classmates of the degree college got together for a day outing- enjoyed full day swimming J it’s  been  a long time since I went into a pool and this was a great moment for me and my daughter to be swimming together and having fun. All the six of us classmates along with my daughter sang old songs, rolled on the green grass, shared old jokes, took plenty of pictures and created beautiful memory for the day.

Inspiring book - must read :)
I was also happy that I got an opportunity to interact and teach for the inmates of the central prison. This was part of our outreach work of the centre that I am associated with.  Entering the Prison gave me a sense of discomfort as we are not allowed to take our cell phones – leaving at the reception I waited for the concerned person to come to the entrance and take me to the class room. As I waited there reading a book “Power of Now” by Ekhart Tolle.

I could hear footsteps of the inmates moving around and one or two looking through the grills, they were trying to see me from behind the bars. I smiled as I watched a young inmate looked at me directly …. I was also feeling a bit sad for some of them, after few minutes the leader came to take me to the class room- I became aware of the present moment reminding me of my purpose of visit here.

I completed reading the book “The Power of Now” and enjoyed reading it; as I have always wanted to read, it’s a small little book with only 146 pages and 9 chapters. It was very interesting to read with practical tips to become observant and understanding the teachings and also learning to meditate. This book needs to be read slowly and some of the chapters I read more than once to gain insights. I will read this again for better impact.

I watched a Telugu movie “Mahanati” with my daughter, and also my sister in-law. A beautiful and inspiring movie based on the actress “Savithri” one of the popular star of the 1960’s one of my mother’s favorites. It’s a great tribute to a legendary actress who worked in all the south Indian languages and also Hindi.

Grateful for the regular supply of all that I need; appreciate all those who are thoughtful and care to share with me and our family –favourite snacks from my friends and few personal gifts- a pretty saree; fitting casuals for my daughter, books and notes from her seniors for the coming academic year and all those who trusts us with monthly supply of grocery, milk, the financial institutions that has given loan for home improvements and all those persons who serve us.

I am thankful to God for good health of mind and body; for myself and my family. My mother in law is totally bedridden and has reduced her communication; she only smiles, and sometimes she recognizes people at other times doesn’t – the care taker is regular and does her work with a smile and despite some discomforts she manages well.

Dorothy is both happy and nervous -getting ready for the youth camp at sattal. I and David are helping her with whatever she requires for the journey; I went to her college to take permission from the principal for the few days she will miss college due to this camp. I am grateful for the opportunities she is getting in life and through the #YWCA of Secunderabad and hoping and praying that she learns to be grateful too and gives back to the community whatever she receives.

thanks to Dorothy for clicking this pic:)
City is flooded with mangoes and I am enjoying the mango milk shake – regularly for breakfast. Dorothy is fond of mangoes; so every second day I am buying mangoes and storing in the fridge J some we are eating with gratitude and some I am making juice adding milk and sugar.

There were a few weddings we attended from David’s extended family; his family is a large family and there is always some function or the other. I am grateful to become a God mother for a small little boy by name Alrich; there was baptism (naming the child and integrating the child in the community) was happy holding the miracle boy in my arms J

I am grateful for my second brother and his family for their warmth and welcoming nature  –I used to regularly spend time with two of my nephew’s kids, whenever I went for parent teachers meeting with my daughter, I used to stop by and visit them as these two kids study in the same school. Now my daughter is in college and the kids still enjoy her company; being summer I felt like visiting them and spending some time- chatting, sharing the meal and catching up with their lives.

“We do not remember days; we remember moments”

I am grateful for the regular work I have; which is satisfying; for the breaks that I could take and relax to refresh myself and stay in touch with all those lovely people who matter to me.

I am grateful for the Tree Love posts: wherein at least I post twice a month.

I am grateful for the #WATWB posts…  which inspires me and enable me to look for all the people who have made a difference in the community, thus dispelling the darkness and bringing some light in the virtual world.

I am thankful for Vidyasury’s Gratitude Circle- wherein I enjoy writing the month’s gratitude.

The last two days have not been ok with me- I was down with fever suddenly, not sure whether it’s a heat stroke, thanks be to God I could meet the doctor and take some medicines. I am feeling much better, grateful for my Dorothy who is always ready to help her mom and David for his concern and love. Grateful for the family and grateful for all experiences in life that teach us to value everything in life.

I am grateful for the ability to post and relive all these memories another time as I write and bow in adoration to the almighty and to all those who affirm and motivate me to stay positive and continue my journey of thanksgiving.

Thank you for reading this post; how was your May, 2018. I would love to hear from you!!

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Lovely post Genevive and hope you're feeling better. Could be heat stroke? Very unpleasant but keep hydrated - mango shakes should help a great deal, as well as having Dorothy and David with you. I love reading your posts; your gratitude ones in particular are always a reminder to me to be grateful for what I have. May has been so busy ... this coming weekend will be especially busy - it's my husband's birthday, both sons will be here, David with his lovely wife. And my sister and husband from Cape Town will also be here for the celebrations .. it's a big Sunday night dinner, elsewhere ... HAve a lovely and restful weekend :) xx

    1. Thanks Susan- for your consistent encouragement and affirmation. I am feeling much better with lovely people around me both at home and at work place, I recover fast:) I am enjoying mango shakes:) infact we have this at breakfast. I feel humbled by your compliments and its always my pleasure to read your comments. I am happy to hear that May has been busy for you too and I wish advance happy birthday to your husband... wishing you loads of love and happiness on the arrival of your son and his wife, your sister from cape town. Wishing you the very best for the night dinner and may you have enough happy and great moments for your memory... thanks again for your love; and wish you and your family a a lovely moments of togetherness. Love and hugs to you:)

  2. Wow ,Lovely post for the Month ,May Madness ,Summer ,Vacation time ,Seasonal fruits ,Get togetherness 😊

    1. Thanks Sam:) welcome to my space and glad to see you comment, praying and wishing you the very best for you and your family, love:)

  3. An eventful month for you, Genevive, with friends, family food and fun as well. God bless Alrich and I am sure you will be a wonderful God Mother to him. Teaching the prison inmates must be a different kind of experience. Hope you are feeling better. Take care and have a great weekend. :)

  4. Yes shilpa a lot of happenings, but was enjoyable month and quite a variety of experiences in life - a few of them just happened. Yes Teaching the prison inmates was very interesting experience, I was nervous in the beginning but then I found them so open for learning and their warmth made me feel at home and I could take for full two hours and even address their questions. Thank you shilpa:)I am feeling much better back in action and have got into my routine..

  5. I am eager to know more about your prison visit. It must be one hell of an experience. My grandfather was a jailor and my dad and his siblings literally grew up inside jail qaurters. I have also grown up hearing some amazing stories from their prison days.
    Great that you became a Godmother to such a cute baby. My warm wishes. It was a beautiful post.

    1. I just saw this comment, apologies for the late response - my visit to the prison was a very different experience - a sort of mixed feelings especially when you enter the huge walls and see the inmates behind the bars.. feel bad, compassionate and for me I felt privileged to do a small part from my side by being a faculty in enabling them to study and write their exams. I found them very intelligent, eager to learn and a sort of regretful feeling(wish we met before type) I strongly believe that change is possible even behind closed walls, thats we have implemented specific programmes like Sudhaar, where we enable them to take responsibility and move on and Unnati another programme that helps them to build skills and trains them to empower themselves. As part of our outreach programme we have now trained the counselors to work in prisons. Thanks for taking time to interact with me, it was nice and appreciate you for your thoughts:)

    2. Interesting to hear that your grandfather was a jailer and your dad's family grew up in the jail quarters... true some of the stories bring tears to the eye ...

  6. Your May month sounds great. Its such warm to meet friend after so many yrs. Lovely pics of six friends :) Nice to hear about new experience of teaching prison inmates. Do take care of your health and enjoy June Angela.

    1. Hey shilpa, thanks for being here and apologies for the late response, saw this comment just now. I am glad that you liked reading about my experience and yes I shall take care of my health too:) appreciate you for showing concern:)


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