May 23, 2018

Tree love—34

“The only keeper of happiness is you; stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth and your attitude” Mandy Hale

I parked my bike as usual in the parking place and suddenly I notice this tree which was dry and bare a few weeks ago, has suddenly colored this area with enthusiasm, energy, sunshine adding beauty to the surrounding place.

 “The energy of the mind is the essence of life” Aristotle

I immediately took my cell phone and captured it with fascination as it filled my heart with joy and warmth. I could not for a moment shift my focus J so I stood there for a while admiring and absorbing the colour through my eyes saving it in my memory to constantly bring it to my conscious and smile, for these brilliant expressions of the Universe.

Thursday Tree love  is a photo feature on Parul’s blog hosted on second and fourth Thursday of every month.   

You are most welcome to join in, all you need to do is:
Post a picture of a tree on your blog

Thank you for reading this post;

May you be blessed!


  1. I am not surprised at your reactions on seeing this absolutely gorgeous tree, Angela! I would too, if I were you. The blooms light up the entire street I'm sure and bring on happy smiles to every passerby. The season of Fresh blooms is all over the place now. Might as well enjoy them while they last.

    1. Hi Esha glad to hear from you and so nice to know that you found this tree gorgeous:) nothing like just stopping by and appreciate the beauty of nature. Thanks for being here, appreciate you.

  2. Splendid floral display! If its May it has to be the May Flower!! Strangely, the red and orange flowers are a soothing sight despite the heat! Great thoughts to go with these great photos Angela :-)

    1. Thanks Archana, well Orange brings in enthusiasm, joy, warmth, sunshine, happiness, fun and enjoyment - feels so good to just watch and rightly put its may and it has to be May flower:) happy to connect with you here. Glad you liked the thoughts too, thank you.


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