May 15, 2018

Letter to Sam on his Birthday !!


My Dear Sam!

24 years ago I was invited to be a God mother to you. You were innocent, beautiful with wide eyes, healthy, fair and had curly hairs. You were named Samuel – which means “I heard the Lord” and was called Sam.

Being your Godmother I felt responsible for your upbringing and also felt attracted and attached to you as you were so cute and chubby and I loved the joy you brought in our family; since then I took special interest in you for studies, took you for catechism class, attended the parent teachers meetings in your school and celebrated your birthday every year. In fact your younger brother and sister envied and used to be upset because you got a lot of attention from me.

Ready for school You and Rachel
You were a happy and very hyperactive child, always running around and enjoyed good food. My mother was a good cook and whenever she made something special you would smell and used to come away for lunch/dinner to our place and enjoy yourself.

I was happy to teach you at home and at times disciplined you when you did not complete your homework given in the school. I am sure you will have memories of me shouting at you and punishing you, because you did not complete your assignments. Nevertheless you were still attached to me and accompanied me everywhere and even my friends used to love you. You had a charm that would attract any one J I even remember the days when you used to come to my work place and wherever I was involved – you would be ready to help and most of my colleagues would appreciate your kind gesture.
Rachel, Ezekiel & Nishi with Sam
After marriage I moved on and it was heartbreaking experience for you; because you knew that I was leaving to another place; and you would not see me regularly and not got all the attention you used to, it also equally hurt me to bid you goodbye as you had by then become part of myself.

My Engagement photo with Sam
I found difficult to stay in touch, with a new environment adjusting myself and with changing priorities, it was not easy to visit you as often as I hoped and wished.

 Nevertheless Sam you were always in my thoughts and my prayers and I did make attempts along with your parents to help you find a boarding school so that academically you will be sound as there was no one to help you in your studies… I and tried my best to do whatever I could at that point of time – to help enable and empower you.

Sam, Rachel & Ezekiel with me
I realized how difficult it must have been to adjust in the boarding school and still you managed and through help from the other family members, you managed and helped yourself.  I am thankful for all those people in your life; especially the friends at the prayer group who encouraged and motivated you to make the right choices in life.

Today as you celebrates your birthday – I want to affirm you Sam and tell him how special and precious you are to me; and how much I appreciate you for your generosity and kindness; with small salary you helped your sister and paid her medical expenses when she was unwell and later on paid the fees in the college; you always went out of your way to help those around you.
Visit to Golconda fort

Sam's birthday 2016

I am thankful to you for offering your support when my child Emmanuel was in the hospital with bronchial pneumonia; they say gratitude is the memory of the heart. I still remember how you used to come and stay with my child, carry him and help him when he found difficult to eat; and he was on heavy antibiotics.
Infant Jesus Feast  Feb 2015

I thank you for trusting me and sharing your struggles and your achievements which made me happy and proud; to see the way you have matured and grown into the person, capable of managing yourself and your family so well.

 I thank God for the gift of you and appreciate your simplicity, openness, faith in yourself and God. I marvel at your capacity to endure suffering, hardworking and ever willing to learn and make positive changes towards progress.

Sam and Me @ Alankrita
I recall an incident when you accompanied us for a feast in the outskirts of Hyderabad and were busy buying breakfast for ourselves; I found you helping a few poor kids purchasing breakfast for them and also helping them with getting water to drink. This small act of kindness touched my heart and lingered on for days.

Sam you have seen very difficult times and has gone through a lot pain, humiliation and neglect -  despite all the issues you have  managed to rise above all situations and circumstances to reach where you are today in your career.

Today I want to wish you a very happy birthday; may the good Lord bless you and grant you your heart’s desire and may you be blessed with abundance!!! Of everything in life!!

Happy Birthday Sam! Celebrate yourself today!!


  1. Happy birthday Sam! A lovely post from your lovely godmother to a wonderful god-son -

    1. Thank you Susan, thats so sweet of you :) its a privilege to be a God mother...

    2. Thank you Aunty Susan,You are so Kind,God bless you
      I'm sorry for late acknowledgement of your Wishes😀

    3. :) better late than never dear sam...

  2. It seems Sam has become a strong, very special young man! I rejoice with you. What a gift to know you had a hand in him becoming what he is! You have every right to be proud and many reasons to be thankful.
    Caneyhead: My Handsome Man

    1. Thank you friend - it is an honor to be a God mother; as one feels responsible for the spiritual growth process... thanks for rejoicing with me, its the Lords doing and its marvelous in our sight.... rightly said I am filled with gratitude for the journey I shared with him :)

    2. Thank you Miz.Barbara In Caneyhead for your Greetings,The Lords doing is always Amazing,I'm Grateful for every Blessing and everything the Lord had Walked me through the Good and the Bad,
      God bless us all😀

  3. Jiji I know I'm late to reply to the Love letter for my Birthday 🎂😇Reminding of the little me and my naughtiness 😀I still remember all that Love and laughter you gave me,No words to Express my Gratitude,I thank God for choosing me to be your God-Son🙏😇May he always bless us in His Mercy,Love and Grace😘I Love you Jiji ,G Angela David Thank you for all the Gifts and Surprises❤️😍

    1. You are welcome Sam, I am glad to do whatever I can; and truly appreciate what the Lord has done in your life; May you continue to walk in His Ways and May the Good Lord lead you to discover your life's purpose.. wishing you the very best in whatever you attempt. Love and Hugs :)

  4. It was lovely to read your god-mother's birthday letter to you Sam! So, from South Africa, a very happy birthday to you! Have a wonderful day and year! Re-reading this post is making me smile .. :)

    1. Thank you Susan that's so sweet and king of you,appreciate you for re-reading this post and happy that this post made you smile:)

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  6. Thank you Aunty Susan Scott for your wishes and yes this letter is the best Gift ever that I had so far ,Thank you for taking time to wish me and write here ��
    God bless you and your family and We are Praying for you��


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