May 10, 2018

A-Z 2018 Reflection Post

I am glad to reflect and write this post on A-Z 2018 the April Challenge- 26 days nonstop blogging and everyday writing, editing, drafting and scheduling was quite demanding to me. Despite all that I am glad I made it with discipline and faith in myself.

 I recall the first time I joined this challenge and did not know anything so I just posted topics that inspired me and did not know that I could schedule the posts. I did not even have a theme to post, but selected randomly whatever I liked. I have participated for four times from (2013 – 2016) except for 2017 I was ill and with my daughter’s final exams in school and being the last year I was stressed.

I first saw the A-Z challenge dates announced with theme reveal – I was lucky to read Vidyasury’s post and thankful to her for all the tips she gave for this challenge. I managed to learn and practice as much as I could and then decided on the theme of books and authors.

I thought since I have so many books in my shelf and a good collection of inspiring resources I wouldn’t have much of a problem J but then it was not easy managing my regular work, family and then draft, edit and post daily. But I was determined and thanks for the regular reminders on each alphabet I could just do a draft, edit and post every day.  I could just manage to visit a few of the bloggers and comment.

I had difficulty finding books for certain letters like Q Z and some books which I thought I had were not found so I changed the authors and managed quiz for Q and found a small little book for Z. I enjoyed this experience of continuous nonstop writing – Sundays were a blessing to breathe a little and visit and comment on some posts. I like the spread sheet of all the blogger details, but was finding difficult to use this information, as I had to copy the address and then google it in a new window- my computer was not supportive… 

I could not directly click on the link to see the post and with the given time limitations I did what I found easy and at the same time complete the challenge.

I would like to thank the  A to Z Team 2018:
Arlee Bird (founder) 
J Lenni Dorner (captain)
Zalka Csenge VirĂ¡g
John Holton
Jayden R Vincente
Jeremy Hawkins (graphics) 

For the initiative in bringing together so many bloggers and organizing it so well by designing the logo’s/badges, creating lists and sending regular reminders for each day.  I have improved a little in blogging and I have long way to go…. Appreciating your efforts and team work.

I am grateful for the following bloggers who encouraged and affirmed me daily. My appreciation to all of you – please visit these pages below:

Sandra Taylor
Anshu @
Shirley @

I am still trying to visit the other blogs as much as I can; happy for all the learnings, hoping to do better in the coming years.

Thank you for reading this post J

May you be blessed with peace and harmony!


  1. Thank you Genevive for your lovely Reflections post and including me in your links! I also found the spreadsheet difficult. Reading about your books and your own personal reflections on them was wonderful! Have a lovely weekend! xx

    1. Welcome Susan for connecting with me:) always gives me happiness... appreciate you for your kind words and glad that you liked my personal reflections. Enjoy the weekend,love and hugs:)


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