March 29, 2018

Meaningful March, 2018

“Gratitude is an essential part of being in the present. When you go deeply into the present, gratitude rises spontaneously 
Eckhart Tolle”

Here’s the list I want to be thankful for the month of March 2018:

Friends and Food:)
This month its lent for us as Catholics –a time to renew and purify oneself to live a life worthy of calling; our church reminds us to pray, fast and give alms. There is a practice of abstaining from all those addictions which has become a part of our lives. Some people avoid non veg foods, for some it could be smoking/alcohol and the others choose different according to their liking. The purpose of all this is to become better humans, which I feel is a process and it may take a longer time.....J At home both David and Dorothy have chosen to abstain non veg till 31 of this month.

One of the challenges for me has been to cook vegetarian food daily, and somehow have been managing with dals with various combinations, like palak, vegetables, with add on like pickle, pappad, dry chilli dipped in curd etc. I was happy and thankful to my sister in law who sent me some very good pappads, and homemade mirchi’s which was handy especially when I am  rushing for work.

I am also glad for the lunch invitation to my family and the sumptuous food served, at one of my long time associate friend & another close friend of mine.  There is nothing like be part of a table surrounded with good friends, and enjoying the company of one another.  

I am glad to have picked up another book this month, randomly and its “The unsuitable boy” by Karan Johar, who is Director for the Hindi movies. I was always impressed by him and his movies so wanted to read and I did like the book and could identify myself with few things that he shared openly – about comfort eating, the struggle with his weight etc.. It’s an easy to read book and I felt I he was having a conversation with me.

This month we could take a journey to seven churches reflecting the passion of Jesus from our parish community. David arranged two buses and also worked out the logistics, it was a nice experience to visit the nearby churches and spend some time as a community in prayer, have common breakfast, lunch and tea and get back home renewed in faith.

I am Glad Dorothy’s exams went on well and am happy that she has moved into Intermediate second year – I could pick up books for her in advance. Last year I had problems with the text books as it was not available in the market, so this time we found a generous soul - a senior from dorothy's college who was willing to give away her second year books, we are so thankful and relieved. 

March 7, 8 & 10 were important days marked in my diary as it was women’s day celebration at YWCA (Young Women Christian Association). 

The YWCA offers Nutrition support for the  HIV positive women, and this year they combined this women's day celebration of members with the beneficiaries. I am glad I could be there and also interact with them on the 7 March, 2018.

On  8 March  a dinner organized by Nymphea Reddy, a generous soul from the YWCA Secunderabad  for having been elected as Vice President for the YWCA South East region, India. 

The 10th March 2018  womens day was celebrated  in the community – wherein I was resource person affirming and giving them  practical tips to understand the theme pressing to progress. Interacting with them and sharing with them the importance moving ahead as women in all spheres of life and thus bringing changes in their lives and in neighborhood.
Women's day celebration in the community
This month was the wedding of our auto driver’s son’s wedding; David attended, as I had to be with Dorothy while she was preparing for her exams. We are grateful for the Auto driver who is always available for us at any time we need to go out. He is like family as he is been associated for more than a decade with us.

This month was also the birthday of Nathu – my nephew’s son who turned 11 years of age- it’s such a joy to find the small kids growing up taller and faster. It was fun visiting him cutting the cake and spending some time and catching up with the extended family. I enjoyed the specially made  yummy special pudding made by my nephew Sunny Emmanuel and as usual a delicious lunch by my sister in law. I am thankful for these small joys in life that brings in love, affection and togetherness.
Yummy Triple special pudding by Sunny Emanuel:)
Glad to meet another friend divina, who was here in Hyderabad. It always a pleasure to connect with old friends who work in similar areas of work. We connected for MHFA India (Mental Health First AID) trying to do our best to see how we can adapt the module on Mental Health First Aid in our country.

Professionally, this month I was busy with updating all the reports, editing the paper presentations and adding on some more relevant information’s to complete the research paper where I was co authoring - helping my centre with reviews& follow ups.

Happy to have watched two movies, a Telugu movie called Crack party:) with my class mates – to stay tuned to the current trends of youth in the city. The second movie I and my daughter watched was Hichki – it was pleasant to watch Rani Mukerjee after a long time, performing as a person with Turret syndrome, which is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds.  It was a different kind of movie and I was happy to be out for some time from my usual routine. 

This month was a farewell of a long time associate friend Sr Elizabeth who was transferred to another part of our country, it s always nice to be connected with persons who share your work:)

28 March was Neomi 's birthday, a very good friend of mine - I am glad for the gift of her in my life; and its a blessing to have friends who journey along and bringing so much love and happiness in my life.

This month too I am happy to have participated in the tree love post hosted by Parul @
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Glad to be part of #WATWB – spreading peace and love

Happy to join in the #A-Z 2018 challenge for the coming month.

The month ends with Good Friday and Holy Saturday which leads us to the Easter – Jesus risen from the dead, a symbol of hope and new life.
Appreciate Vidyasury for hosting this and encouraging me to write this post every month, and post it on the last thursday.

Wishing all of you a Very Happy Easter !! May the Risen Lord grant you Peace, Joy and happiness to each and everyone who is reading this post.

Thanks for reading my post, appreciate you :)

Be Happy & Blessed !!


  1. A Blessed Easter to you and family Genevive. May we give ongoing praise and gratitude to the Risen Lord. Your March sounds very full and meaningful! xx

    1. Thank you Susan, glad to connect with you, as always:)hoping that you have a wonderful Easter and May the risen Lord grant you love, peace,joy, harmony and fulfillment.


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