March 22, 2018

A-Z 2018 Theme Reveal

I am glad to participate in this A-Z 2018 challenge, last year 2017 I did not participate due to my health issues and work stress. This year I am much better and am excited to get back to connecting and also writing and posting for the whole month of April, 2018.

I participated first time in the year 2013 and posted randomly topics that inspired me, and continued participating for the 2014, 2015, 2016  mostly focusing on quotes, inspirations, travel and marital life.

I recall the first time when I joined this challenge – being new, I felt so inadequate and just joined for fun and started posting randomly, as I progressed I kept learning year after year, meeting a whole lot of bloggers and was inspired by their commitment and creativity that motivated me too to think, plan and schedule and also look out for a theme… glad on how I consistently grew in confidence and took inspiration from my fellow bloggers.

This is my 5th time I am joining this challenge and hopefully would like to posts on the books and authors who have inspired me and influenced my thinking giving me food for thoughts, helping me understand, reflect and widen my perspectives… am grateful for all those motivating writers who have made efforts to put down their thoughts so that the readers not only learn, understand but are encouraged and motivated to develop their knowledge and skills.

So here I am busy planning and getting ready for the challenge, and wishing all those who have joined all the very best.

My special thanks to vidyasury for the tips which I found very useful and motivating to join this challenge, you can check in below for more information.

Do join in and connect with some lovely people blogging in this challenge, and wishing you a wonderful experience!!


  1. Aha! That's my fav theme. Looking forward to read all about books and authors this April, Genevive :)

    1. Yes shilpa I know:) taking out all my collections from my cupboard to get the A-z names...

  2. I also found Vidya's tips useful Genevive .. am still trying to decide whether to take part!!! Good on you for taking part!

    1. Hi Susan, after reading vidya's post - I made a decision to blog, I was unsure too:) hoping to stay in touch with you and glad to hear from you.

  3. I so agree. The challange is a great motivation. It teaches a lot about blogging and it incourages to meet so many people.
    And hey, I always love a good bookish challenge ;-)

    The Old Shelter - Theme Reveal - Weimar Germany

    1. welcome to my space, and nice to know that you share similar feelings, thanks for your comment.


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