March 30, 2018

#WATWB Solomon & Shanthi adopting HIV+ve Kids

Clipping from the local newspaper.
This month’s inspiration for me is Solomon and Shanthi; the reason being when today’s couple’s are busy making a living and pushing themselves hard to find alternatives to have their own child and who would continue to carry on the legacy of  the family name…   these two lovely people after eight years of their marriage did not have kids, so they decided to adopt a child and at that time one of Solomon’s friend passed away because of HIV leaving his children orphaned, its then they decided to adopt their children.

This couple has now more than 50 children who are HIV positive and they have adopted them, and given them a shelter and meeting their basic necessities of life. They are great examples of unconditional love and acceptance, mostly with HIV there is so much stigma and discrimination attached. Also the treatment is expensive and these children are highly vulnerable and prone for infections and immunity is low. 

To reach out to them is definitely a challenge, hats off to Solomon and Shanthi for choosing the road less travelled and taking up the responsibility and risk in enabling and empowering these kids.  Here is the link: read on ..

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May this post inspire us to spread light in darkness!!


  1. Amazing story Genevive thank you! A selfless couple indeed. Have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Thank you Susan, its challenging enough to bring up healthy kids, to adopt HIV+ve kids is not easy, appreciate you for your presence, have a lovely day :)

  2. Solomon and Shanthi are truly kind and compassionate people. More power to them and thanks for sharing their inspiring story, Genevive!

    1. True shilpa, when I read their story, I couldn't resist but post, thank you for your encouraging words...

  3. This is sweet. I think the stigma of the disease tends to cause others to treat HIV-positive people (of any age) like lepers. What a lonely life that would be. Thank goodness for these folks with loving hearts.

    1. Rightly said Lynda - with HIV there is a lot of stigma and discrimination and fears keep people away from them, adding to myths and misconceptions about his infection. It takes not only courage but strength to be able to look after this kids as they are extremely vulnerable...


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