March 1, 2017

Fabulous February, 2017 - Gratitude List

February was short and sweet month with only 28 days – I did not even know that we completed a month J

Gratitude inspires Happiness!!

Here is my gratitude list:

This month a lot of focus was on maintaining good health, initiating lifelong changes in diet –life style, celebrating my 6 years as a counselor in the university, busy helping my daughter with pre board exams in her school, and preparation for the school farewell too.

After recovery, I have been very careful about my diet – what I am eating and also ensuring that I have enough time for myself to rest and slowing down, to live one day at a time, practicing forgiveness and gratitude making a conscious choice to let go of what I cannot handle and keep counting my blessings to be healthy and happy J

14 February, 2017- I complete 6 years in Sahayam, psychological counseling centre – can’t believe how quickly time just flies. I feel blessed to be in this place and enjoy the space and the freedom to work peacefully. I am thankful for my Head who is supportive and constantly inspires me by her simplicity, compassion, and quest to explore different ways to serve- currently she is involved in bringing about reformation and progress among hard core criminals.

Life has its own way of rewarding and leading us, in the direction our hearts long for; I didn’t have to seek this position in my life; it just happened as I have always wanted to be of service in my life - to be available to youngsters in enabling them and reaching out to them.

Every struggle in my life has shaped me into the person I am today. I am thankful for the hard times, for they have made me stronger.

I reflect back on my own adolescent days struggling to find myself, my identity and coping with my emotions of  fears, anxieties, sadness, low self concept, poor decision making skills and low motivation.   It took me so many years to deal with it all; and I was lucky enough to get the right opportunities at the right time of my life to help me move and make the choices that helped me reach where I am today.

I am blessed and eternally grateful for every person who has touched my life, taught me, affirmed and encouraged me. Then there were also very challenging moments of my life wherein I felt broken, cheated, humiliated, and let down almost pushing me to the edge – only to give me lifelong lessons empowering me.  Giving me the courage to believe in myself and take responsibility for my own thought processes and behaviour.

Today I feel strong and grateful – happy J  and content in my life.  I congratulate myself for completing 6 years of service in this counseling centre and still growing strong. I am still learning to be relevant by constantly updating myself with current psychological issues of the students.

This month was pre board exams for my daughter and also farewell party at school - David was happier than Dorothy, helped her pick up a pretty saree and also arranged for a small party at home for her friends. Few of the pictures we clicked while she was ready to attend.
Maria Dorothy Ready for farewell function at school

Selfie at St Michael's School

This month too I got a beautiful handbag from Aparna, a close friend of mine, who picked it up from Delhi for me. It’s small, neat and a nice color and very useful, to carry and go out with. I don’t like to carry the same big handbag that I use it for the office. I prefer a small hand bag that can accommodate minimum requirements for a lady Thanks to Aparna !

handbag from Delhi
This month I also attended the leaders meeting in a community, interacting with them and sharing our work in the community, encouraging the men to have representations of women in their decision making process and thanking them for all the support they offer. Glad to be involved.

The last day of the month was the birthday of my friend subhandra; my college mate and very dear to my heart; we were together in college for 3 years and completed Bachelor of Arts together. We had lots of fun and enjoyed one another’s company, went out for movies, helped one another complete our assignments and one fine day she got married and left the city. She returned after 3 decades and nothing changed in the way we related to each other. So was glad to connect with her and pray for her...grateful for the gift of friendship.

Welcoming March with a smile for it’s the beginning of the Lenten season in the church, leading us to review, renew and refresh taking the journey inward….

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer



  1. A short month it was - but packed with so many happy occasions and moments Genevive thank you for sharing them with us. I was smiling as I was sharing in your gratitude :)

    1. Thanks Susan you are such a sweet heart; love hearing from you, it is so kind of you to share your thoughts. You are the first and only one here and it makes a huge difference, I feel glad that there is a person on the other side reading and smiling :) Love and hugs !!

  2. So good to read about your month. It's happiness that counts and not the duration of the month. Glad the month made you happy. Dorothy looks so sweet :) Good luck to her.

    1. Thanks Parul for being here, appreciate you for the compliments, and very rightly said its happiness that matters...


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