February 18, 2017

Practice Kindness!

We all experience kindness in some ways or the other; and we remember it for a very long time, and never forget people who are kind. The very thought is so comforting, that we tend to not only rethink but also share with our close family and friends.

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We can make a choice to be kind and there are so many ways we can express kindness, in the last month I deliberately told myself that I shall practice random acts of kindness, to keep myself happy and positive. The blessing and the positive vibrations we receive is so much worth and brings in happiness and contentment.

A few ways I tried kindness:

I went to fill in petrol in my bike as I normally do it in the evening so that the morning hours I don’t have to stand in the Q. As usual I filled my petrol tank and kept some change to check the bike tyres. In a hurry I came out of the petrol bunk without making payments and the staff there too did not check me.  As I rode a short distance, suddenly I realized I had not paid the money, which would mean that the guy who poured petrol will lose some money from his pocket. So immediately I turned and return to the petrol bunk to return the money. The look on the persons face was worth my turn, he was so happy that he thanked me and showed me a thumps up expressing his feelings.

It made me also happy that I returned what was not mine…..continued riding smilingly J

I went to the grocery shop to pick up a few things and the bill counter I got the bill, so I paid the bill. There was a young guy at the counter, while returning back the change he paid me an extra amount while talking to another customer. I stood there wondering why he is paying me extra and immediately I asked him to calculate again and check the payments by then he realised he paid me extra.  I returned the extra amount which was not mine. He was so glad and thanked me so many times smiling and welcoming me to his shop. J

 It’s a great feeling to be kind to strangers whom we do not know…..generally we try to be helpful and kind to our family and friends

 Look at this little child and her smile; her mother is a maid in our apartment. She comes in the early hours at 6 a.m. to sweep, clean and maintain the surroundings neat. She brings her little girl in the early hours of the morning.. This child is only one and half year and she accompanies her mom to work, crying behind her mother, barefoot.  I see her practically every day in front of my door with a sweet smile - just gave her two biscuits, she is so happy smiling and waving, her way of saying thanks J

small little friend 
Today 18 February, exactly one year my niece Rachel passed away. I was thinking of her in my morning prayer and continued later during the day, of all the interactions she had with me; and the time she spent with our family, all the places we visited in the city. (As she was brought in the boarding school and did not much have opportunity to stay in my family, also go sightseeing.) She accompanied every function of our family and our friends. Later on she went back to her family and within two years she fell sick and died.

Rachel-may her soul rest in peace
I am glad for my nephews who in memory of her, visited an orphanage and shared a meal with the less fortunate kids, it was an act of kindness. Instead of making it a ritual celebration in the family, they chose to move out and I am inspired today.

Few simple ways to practice kindness, you can add on more:

Write thank you notes
Call up to appreciate and thank a friend
Visit the sick
Cheer up a friend
Listen with your heart
Give away books that has outgrown
Pick up the litter
Share a meal – a breakfast or a lunch with a needy person
Offer to pay for a tea/coffee bill
Offer a lift to a child walking in the sun
Hug a little baby
Give a little extra to the person who serves you
Pray for those suffering
Do not bargain with small vendors
Choose to buy provisions from the local shops
Offer help for your neighbour
Teach a child for free of cost
Volunteer to offer help at a community
Smile and spread cheer
Play with the kids
Sponsor a child for education

Be kind & Be happy !


  1. This is so lovely Genevive thank you! It got a bit lost in my mail - the computer changed it's server - I'm glad I found it, like you finding kindness, practicing kindness - great tips thank you .. o that reminds me, I saw an elderly woman walking in the rain with an umbrella this afternoon so I stopped and gave her a lift. I took her home - she was so grateful and I was grateful that I could do this very small something. All your ideas are so wonderful -

    1. Thanks susan, thats so sweet of you to help the elderly woman in the rain with the umbrella, and you went an extra mile by taking her home !! its those small little things that makes a huge difference susan and thanks for your affirmations, you made my day and thanks for your kindness:) you brought smile :) on my face and gave me a lift too... love and hugs.


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