January 31, 2017

Gratitude for January, 2017

January month of the New Year is gone by the end of this day, leading us into the new month; and it’s a time for me to review, reflect and count my blessings. 

It has been  a busy month, working both at my counseling centre, addressing issues related to suicidal ideation, anxiety attack and few adjustment issues of students, and managing household chores. In between also managed to attend invitations for birthday/ dinner with close family friends, taking time to connect with long distance friends and also helping my daughter to prepare for the pre board exam to complete her class X.

I won the tombola full house :)

Variety is the spice of life- Potluck
I even had a good time, going out  along with my daughter went for a picnic with a group of women from the YWCA (Young Women Christian association, Secunderabad) to a farm 55 kms from city- a quiet place, beautiful weather and lovely garden to move around and spend the day with; played tombola and even won, sang songs, ate good food- a variety pooled up and enjoyed the whole day, picked up some drum sticks from the farm, walked through the farm admiring the vegetable garden and came back home happy and  energised.

YWCA Picnic
Last Saturday was a working day for me, so by the end of the day I am tired. I had my nephew come over home and seeing me tired, agreed to purchase vegetables from the nearby weekly market.  I was happy that one work was reduced, and I could rest a little and relax. What surprised me was that he brought flowers along with vegetables; it’s been ages since I put some flowers on my hair.

Flowers from the market
The flowers reminded me of my mother who used to bring flowers every week, while bringing vegetables from the market, as next day was a Sunday and my mother was very fond of dressing up well. She used to get flowers for everyone and for me white jasmines, I loved the smell and I used to put it to my hair.

Gift - from a friend
I am also glad that my friend got a beautiful dress, very well tailored for me; I do not have that particular colour combination, but felt very happy wearing that dress on a Sunday to the church. It makes me grateful that I am surrounded by very thoughtful and kind people in my life. It’s a blessing to have friends who not only display kindness but they are there for you always.

I watched a lovely Movie named Dangal (Hindi) with David and Dorothy; was very inspiring. It’s a real story based on the life of Mahavir Singh Poghat who taught wrestling to his daughters amidst a lot of criticism and challenges and both his daughters represent the Olympics and bring honour the country. The movie was very entertaining and had a powerful message to communicate specially to girl child. For further information you may read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangal (film)

courtesy google
Fourth Sunday was our regular prayer meeting; and I took the opportunity to relax and spend some quiet time in the church- a moment to be with self and just thanking God for everything that’s happening in my life.

I am glad to be connected with my colleagues on whatsapp and together as a group we connected with one of our staff who is now a cancer patient, hospitalised – the whole group has been praying, connecting with his family and finding ways and means to reach out to him and his family.

 There are so many things to be grateful for, good health, meaningful work, a family to support, good friends, academic opportunities, inspiring bloggers and plenty of surprises to make changes and be happy with everything around me.

I am feeling so much motivated; after having made this post, hope it inspires you to be grateful too. Thanks for reading, appreciate you!!

“Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy” Fred De Witt Van Amburgh


  1. This post has such a happy vibe to it. It's so wonderful that you had a great time with family and friends. I havent watched Dangal as yet. Hope to watch it sometimes soon. Here's wishing you a fantastic February, Genevive. Cheers ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, glad you felt the happy vibes, I am happy too :) I am sure You will like Dangal, its worth watching. Love and hugs to you !!

  2. No words enough to appreciate your blogging on Gratitude and Gratefulness to God ,I just can Say that I can't Stop Loving you ,Jiji

    1. Thank you Sam, appreciate your kind words, I am only humbled by your expressions, May God bless you and help you realise every dream of yours :)

  3. January sounds like a wonderful month Genevive! What a wonderful supportive nephew to do the vegetable shopping and bring flowers! All the photos are so colourful and cheerful, I am smiling xx May February also be a great month!

    1. Gratitude has kept me happy and healthy dear susan and yes I agree with you,its been a wonderful month, and rightly said small little help makes a huge difference, getting vegetables from the market may appear small -but when you are tired and this done,its so comforting and such a pleasant surprise of flowers, made me smile :) wish you the very best susan for the book, and hopefully I would read ... as I want to get back to reading and getting fit this year, glad to connect.


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