January 15, 2017

My gratitude list ….

Getting back to riding again
The coolest and the happiest thing in these last few days is – I  have started riding, began with small distances and managed to reach office; and wow what a feeling J the freedom and independence to be on your own.

This bike has been my greatest companion and I have been missing my bike since two months. I am so grateful that I could begin all over again riding with gratitude, happiness and satisfaction, also saving all the money spent for cabs and autos… J

Special moments with my nephews- Sam & Sunny 

Brother Francis & my Sister in law S Mary & friends
The outing at Dominos on a New Year day 2017!! which I normally don’t go; a brief time away from the house and just chatting and enjoying the company of  my nephew Sam and friend Aparna ..

Chicken Pizza and choco lava ...
posing for a selfie....
2nd January was my sons 6th death anniversary and it was a reminder, to myself  as to how lucky I was to experience “Emmanuel” which means God with us – and my  son was truly an experience of divine love; thinking about him brought me rich memories of him filling me with gratitude for the seven precious years he was with us. 

Mario Emmanuel Born 8 Dec 2003 - 11 Jan 2011
Happy to reconnect with YWCA a place where I am involved and meet all the women friends, cut the cake once again with prayers and singing, an experience love and fellowship combined with meaningful activity. 

Glad to cut the cake for 4th time :)

Thanks to my daughter for suggesting to bring home some fish;  she felt like having some fish curry/fry, so bought some fish, marinated for curry and rest for frying… 

Bangda special ready for frying
I enjoyed preparing fish curry and also fried the fishes; grateful for every meal we have; and for the gift of a home wherein I sleep secure and assured, peacefully that a new tomorrow will dawn and I will rise again, fresh with a newness of the morning, open to experience what the day holds for me.

I am blessed with a family that’s always been there, for so many years now - I have learnt to value relationships a lot more especially in the last few months, wherein I needed help, a shoulder and a loving hand to reach out to me.

For all the gifts I have received, for a body that is recovering and for every part of my being that’s functioning and reminding me that I am alive, and there is so much more to accomplish in life!!

“Gratitude is one of the most medicinal emotions we can feel; it elevates our moods 
and fills us with joy” author unknown

May you be Inspired!!


  1. So pleased to hear you're riding your bike again Genevive! The photos are all lovely and happy and bring a smile to me! I think happiness is contagious ...

    Did I ever say to you about what I heard a long time ago? re Emmanuel ..? There is a story that a very old and revered rabbi was walking along the road, and people were kneeling before him. He came to a Down's Syndrome child and the rabbi kneeled before this child. The people were amazed and asked why? The rabbi said - these children are most precious, they have been through many stages in previous lives, and now they are on their last stage before their final home - they are G'd's true messengers.

    1. Thanks susan, its always a great feeling to hear from you. Yes you did mention to me about the story, and I was so touched and felt so special and privileged to have been his mother. I am glad to have had the experience of understanding divine love and I consider myself lucky for all the beautiful moments I shared with my son... its a treasure and I cherish it with great fondness..


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