January 4, 2017

Biding goodbye to 2016 & Welcome 2017!!!

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The last day of 2016 and I am at work right now, waiting for the students – while I am waiting, I am also keeping myself occupied by doing this post with gratitude; replied to a few of the messages on whatsapp, checked the email, completed a few more pending tasks.

The year 2016 I declared as the year of exploring – I chose this word because I truly wanted to open myself to newer experiences and learning; I did succeed to some extent.

I travelled to new destination with my friend and created beautiful memories with my daughter

I together with David decided to renovate my house and brought in lot of changes to make it a comfortable place, de cluttered and kept minimal things which are basic and cleared the rest, creating spaces which can be maintained neat.

I am also glad my daughter Dorothy is completing her 10th Standard this academic year and she has been doing well; taking responsibility for her studies and coping well with a lot of adjustments specially when David had gone for the laser treatment; and I had to deal with my own health issues, she has been extremely accommodative and helped both of us; she has been a blessing in our lives.

I let go of all the painful experiences that generated anger, resentment, doubt and replaced it with love, peace and harmony. I took a deliberate decision to say good bye to all forms of toxic that hindered me and our family from being loving, trustworthy and united.  I am glad to create a new set of loving relationships around me that is genuine, authentic filling me with positive energy and peaceful disposition.

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Grateful!! New Year that has dawned, welcome 2017!!!

I have not made any resolutions;  by default, health will remain a priority in the family- integrating physical exercise, praying, practising gratitude, affirmations, mindfulness  and a few Yogasana’s and choosing healthy food will be part of process of staying healthy.

I did not succeed in reading books, though I began well read a couple of books in the first quarter of the year, but was not consistent, hopefully this year I will pick up some books for myself for reading…

Some plans to pursue academically; continuing education to keep my updated, understanding the current psychological problems of young people in the university, a desire to be a lifelong learner and  perpetual student in the hope of being useful to family and society at large.

I do have some travel plans which is subject to my daughter and husband’s leave and holidays; hopefully a few places with friends which is still in the planning stage.

This year hope to share whatever resources within my limits with the less fortunate, children and yes women – who have become my priority.

I expect a lot more to happen as this year unfolds, being open to learning new skills, helping my daughter and husband to also evolve goals that would bring meaning and happiness together as a family.

Life is unpredictable and we never know what holds for us in the future – but one thing is certain that having travelled this far, I am open for surprises, and will enjoy the moments and will never cease to smile and be happy despite any change.

Happy New Year 2017!!

Wishing you and your family peace, health and harmony all through the year …


  1. May 2017 bring you both expected and UNexpected happy surprises Genevive! And please while I think about it, by what name to do prefer to be called? Shall I call you Janet? Good on releasing all toxicity from your life. May your daughter continue to excel and David to be well, and you too - may the ill health that you had for several months be a thing of the past. Good luck on all that you plan to do this year! Love, Susan

    1. Thanks for the blessings dear; my mom used to call me Janet and so a few close friends also call me Janet; At my workplace they call me Angela(as they find difficult to pronounce Genevive).You can call me Janet too susan, no problem :) :) Feeling a lot lighter susan and able to focus better too without toxics... love your generosity dear and feel so good to be connected, and yes I already left behind my ill health and have got into the routine and just another two months, my daughter will complete schooling and will start college; David is recovered well and is busy making positive changes in lifestyle and diet to keep fit and healthy. Thanking and wishing you God's abundant of every blessings your heart desire to you and your family, susan. Hugs to you !!


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