December 29, 2016

Happy Birthday to ME

On my birthday I want to be thankful for so many things; but most importantly I want to thank God for the Gift of life- for my breath, for being alive and moving around doing everything I want to do and being happy surrounded with family and friends.

There were so many times in the last 55 years I could have died, I remember in my early childhood wherein by mistake I drank kerosene when I was just 3 years old and later on I fell so sick that I was hospitalised and saved.

I recall so many times saved once while crossing the road, at another time when I was hit by a scooterist while I was riding at the signal point, while delivering my first baby I thought I was going to die and later on so many situations I could have died.

There were also moments of confusion, fears, insecurities, lack of direction, depressing moments, sadness, negative thinking and suicidal thoughts pushing me to the edge, but I was lucky and was always rescued, found new directions and new friends/teachers/gurus to guide and empower me.

Despite all the above “I AM ALIVE” AND I AM GLAD TO BE ALIVE, AND I BELIEVE I HAVE A PURPOSE AND A REASON TO BE ALIVE” so that makes me feel eternally grateful to God and want to celebrate my living!!

To me 55 years is a long journey, almost half a century and over five years- and the blessings are so many; if I start counting I may end up writing a book on my life, in gratitude.

Thanks to my daughter for this image

Thanks to Sunny & Sam for this lovely collage
The learning’s are plenty and I think this is the best age to be:

For with age has come:

Confidence, to explore and attempt everything that I ever want to whether an exam to academically be sound, or a new dish in the kitchen or to go to places you have never been before.

“Experience tells you what to do, confidence allows you to do it”

Courage to be myself – not afraid to be who I am, to be comfortable in my own skin and be happy; without having to fake and live up to others expectations. 

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for” Oprah Winfrey

Changes to find myself grow and mature into the person, I was always meant to be; to believe in my own goodness and expect the very best in life. 

“Its never too late to change in life”

Optimism to know that everything is working out for the greater good; and everything happens for a reason and there is purpose for everything under the sun.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement” Hellen Keller

Faith in the divine and in the last 55 years; its faith that has led me to face every challenge, and emerge stronger in faith. Faith has helped me to move on in life with a comfort of knowing that I am not alone but the Lord is walking with me.

 “Let Your faith be bigger than your fear”

Belief in my own capacities and strengths, to listen to my inner voice and trust myself to take the right decisions. Belief that I am strong enough to handle anything in life; belief that I can accomplish all that I dream and desire about. 

“Belief creates the actual fact” William James

Leave the past behind- Having no regrets to whatever has gone by; all the past experiences that is not worth remembering and wasting energy. Grateful for the learnings and all the experiences that has been a great teacher.

Ability to forgive and move on, even though I may not forget the details and the incidents, but with age I have learnt the art to forgive and keep moving on ….to accept that there are human weaknesses and I have no control on others behaviour. But I have learnt to do a big favour to myself by releasing persons, who may otherwise rob my peace and I think I have a right to be happy and free and journey light. 

“Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave” Indira Gandhi

Focus on things that truly matter- As we age it is also easy to focus on things that truly matter, as by now the priorities are right and there is a realisation that with the metabolic rate slowing down and dealing with other health issues; the time on earth is limited, hence it’s good to be involved in activities that bring you happiness and enable you to fulfil the purpose you were created for.

“Life is so much truly brighter, when we focus on what truly matters”

Accept everyone– as they are without having to expect them to be the way we want them to be. This solves a lot of our problems and also enables us relax and understand that   persons are different and they are product of their own experiences and backgrounds. Some aspects of persons don’t change and it will remain and we have no control, except on our own thoughts and behaviours.

 “If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection” Lecrae

Practising mindfulness – is a beautiful art and this can be learnt because, being mindful helps us to live with awareness and enjoy the moment. It helps us to give our best and 100% to whatever we want achieve and helps us to be responsible in our decision making process too.

“Life is available only in the present moment” Thich Nhat  Hanh

Being kind – One can never under estimate the power o kindness. As I age I also understand the value of being not only kind to myself to everyone around me. My favourite quote has always been:

”Kindness is the rent you pay for occupying the space on this earth.”

Finding meaning and purpose – I have always believed that each of us have a purpose here on this earth; have learnt it early by all those who influenced me and reinforced this statement that even a wild flower in the desert has a purpose…. Hence I keep searching and interpreting giving meaning and purpose to whatever is happening in my life. 

“If you are alive there is a purpose for your life” Rick Warren

Being grateful and happy- is the choice I have made in my life, quite early enough and have not regretted till date, because gratitude has kept me happy; enabled me face every challenge in my life; gratitude has motivated me, helped me look at the bright side of life, gratitude has made me count blessings everyday and gratitude has helped me to be at peace with myself and everything surrounding me.

 “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles “ author unknown

Thanks to my friend Aparna

my classmates
Family & Friends – remain all through our lives, till the end of the journey. It’s a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends who not only bring love, joy, laughter, fun and  but also keep us happy and healthy. 

Family and Friends are Gifts from God
Be Happy !!


  1. Happy Birthday dear Genevive! May you continue to shine a light in this world of ours. Happy day, happy year, happy everything!

    You really do show in word and deed, how NOT to take life for granted - you show this by example and for this I am grateful, as I learn from you in being reminded. Your photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks to you susan; its always a pleasure to hear from you. I am grateful to you for the constant and consistent affirmations you give me throughout the year and it matters so much to me:) thanks for all that you are - an inspiration and a philosopher who makes me think deeply and help me in learning, and having a meaningful conversation. I wish you a very happy new year too, and may the Good Lord bless you and grant you your hearts desire !! Love and hugs to you :)


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