March 15, 2017

Minute Motivators For Dieters

This month March 2017 is the last year of the school for my daughter Maria Dorothy who is writing the board exam; and so I and David are happy that she is in process of completing her schooling. We are trying our best in giving her the best of everything to ensure that she writes her exams well. I have been helping her with subjects like social studies and English, while David helps her with Hindi. Maths and Science we send her for private tuition to help her out.

With all the preparation we accompanied her for the first exam; I chose to wait for her and David left for work.  I had 3 hours till she completed her exams and brought her back home. While waiting for long hours I was wondering what I would do, whether visit any service organization close by and orient myself of just pick up a small book. Well I preferred to sit with the book.  

I picked up a small book from my own shelf which I have read long time ago – I felt its fitting now to read it again as I have made decisions to stay healthy.

So the book one Minute Motivators for Dieters by Stan Toler was the right one.  A simple easy to read book with 162 pages; I managed to read this book in one go and completed in less than 3 hours. 

I was impressed by this author who says  – Get into the habit of counting your blessings, along with counting your calories J

“Tough diets never last, but tough dieters do
 “Mark Hollingsworth

He continues further in this book “To change diet means to change the way of life, to decide to change the way we think about food, about comfort and about self.  It does not just means saying no to food; it’s about feeding the body properly, making it the business to learn about nutrition, understanding which foods to eat more and which to eat less off. 

In short learning to eat right – It also means saying yes to new attitudes and new disciplines, new life habits which is the challenging part. Dieting involves setting goals – giving us something to work towards and a way to measure success. Glad for the inspirations and I have already lost a few kgs with eating right and exercising.

A few motivational quotes as follow:

“One way to get rid of weight is to leave it on the plate” Chuck Millhuff

“Feed your faith, and your doubts will starve to death.” Billy Graham

 “What you get by reaching your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by reaching them.” Zig Ziglar

“Self worth is more important than net worth” Talmadge Johnson

“If you want to learn something new, don’t act like you already know it” James M. Carter

“You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” Abraham Lincoln

“When it comes to eating, you can help yourself more by helping yourself less” Jenny Craig

I am looking out for another book for the next exam scheduled in the coming week, exited to get back to my reading habits.

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. How lovely to have these 3 hours while Maria was writing her exams Genevive - hope all went well with them! And good luck with upcoming ones! I love all the quotes, and the way you highlight the importance of eating well to maintain a healthy body.

    I especially love this one: 'Get into the habit of counting your blessings, along with counting your calories'.

    You too, remain blessed and happy! xx

    1. Hey susan thats so sweet of you to enquire, yes she has written her exam well and hoping for the best as she continues to complete another 4 papers- and I am hoping to read 4 books each day 1 :) Thanks for being here, waiting for the book to arrive on Ageing and Becoming and looking forward eagerly to read.. love and hugs !!

  2. Yikes Genevive did you order it?? My heart is pounding! xx

    1. Yes Susan :) I did order and the date of delivery given to me is 28 March, 2017. I am too excited to get it... for the first time I made an online purchase of a book with the help of my daughter:) I would love to read and share my feelings.. relax dear and hugs to you..


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