November 25, 2016

Counting my blessings

I am counting my blessings today, the cheapest and easiest way to be healthy and happy:
I am blessed as my discomforts of my body is decreasing, my swellings in the legs have come down, the pains in my joints have reduced, and I am able to cut, peel vegetables and fruits, even wash a few utensils and also write without any discomfort (I was not able to sign in my attendance register because of swelling and pain in both fingers) and now I am also typing on the computer, communicate on whatsapp, sms. It’s truly blessing.

I am blessed as my doctor suggested me a second opinion and was willing and open to take the feedback and even encouraged to take treatment in a different place. (some time some doctors interpret as a lack of trust and will not even suggest) Blessed to have a doctor who is open and caring.

Blessed to have extended families surrounded with; who care and are available and regularly in touch, the bond that is comforting. 
My brothers family at a function
Me and my brother Francis
David myself and Dorothy
Blessed to have friends who are authentic; judge less, love, respect and understand – it’s one of biggest blessing to have genuine and caring friends.
My classmates from degree college

Blessed to be able to walk, stand comfortably and even do some stretches, getting back to yoga; a few of the postures that I am able to and also relax and recoup.

Blessed to be able to cook something that I want to, and the ability to manage small tasks of boiling milk, making tea/coffee/horlicks whenever I want to, without being dependent on anybody.

Blessed to be involved in meaningful work – so satisfying, last few days dealing with students who are down, depressed and helping them to connect with doctors, helplines for emergency and offering support from our centre.

Blessed to be involved in extending services, our centre is helping a college to establish a counseling cell for students, glad to be involved in this process.

Blessed to be part of a facilitation process in conducting psychometric assessment for students in the campus collaborating with another agency, grateful for the learnings.

Grateful for the acceptance and recognition I get in being involved in my work, above all the space to be my authentic myself and work with love and passion.

Blessed to have so many memories, I was looking at all the pictures taken in the last week for various occasions, thus reliving happiness and filling myself with gratitude.

Blessed to be connected with long distance calls of friends who live far; and update self with the happenings and sharing both the joys and sorrows of life.

Sam my nephew reminded me yesterday that its Thanksgiving Day celebration in his office; and he was going for the party, while sitting in his cab he was talking about how the celebration would be and the details. 
In awe of this sunset clicked on the journey

This made me think that I need not go anywhere for a service, and I started making my thanksgiving notes on my desk to post it here and I am glad in a way to join the others too without having a party, but feeling happy and grateful for so many blessings !


  1. The pain in joints post Dengue is pretty bad and it stays for quite some time. Glad that you are recovering well and are back to your regular work. What would life be without our circle of like minded non-judgmental friends and of course family. They are our biggest support and cheer leaders too.
    Your work is simply awe-inspiring. More power to you Genevive.
    Those are gorgeous captures, especially the first one, with the sun peeking through the tree! Loved it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!

    1. True shilpa, the pain in the joints were pretty bad,it began with the ankle and went spreading to all the joints. My fingers were so stiff and painful too. Thanks be to God for the doctor and my loved ones, who stood by me and helped me get back. I am happy to getting into the routine, and feel so blessed for the gift of life, and of course for good health. Lots of learning for me now in understanding my body and I need to make some changes to ensure that I am healthy and happy. Glad you liked the pictures... I love sunrises and sunsets and it makes me smile and I just love the feeling of calm and quietness :)

  2. Gorgeous post Genevive and so pleased that you're so much better! It's been a long road for you these last many weeks. It's the best thing to know that friends and family, people at work and the medical profession are all behind you and surrounding with their love and care. MAy you continue to get stronger and better - do you use turmeric for swelling? I sometimes make a warm milk drink with turmeric and a sprinkle of ginger and a spoon of honey.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks susan for your constant affirmation. Its a pleasure to hear from you, and yes its been a long time and I am not used to being sick for so long. Never in my life actually I was so sick. But beyond the sickness the whole experience of having surrounded with so much of love, care and affection made me feel how blessed and lucky I am. I see so many others who have no support and struggle so much to get back, platelets go down and there is hospitalisation. For me its truly a miracle as it was identified early enough to be treated. Now on the road to recovery. Initially i was drinking warm milk with turmeric. Now i stopped. The doctor that I am currently getting treated has helped me, and I am free from joint pain and swelling too has come down, otherwise I was finding difficult even to bend, walk and squat. Thanks for connecting and staying in touch. Love and hugs to you !!

    2. So pleased hear your recovery is ongoing Genevive; may it continue so until perfect health is yours once again! Love to you, Susan

    3. Appreciate your love and concern, you are so much full of positive energy, feel so good connecting with you.


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