December 14, 2016

Unexpected Turns in life ….

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In the last 10 days my life took a sudden turn; after the dengue experience and my second opinion with a community doctor worked well for me; within a short span of time I was back on my feet, no swelling and no joint pains. It was such a blessing to get back to the routine. Then I found reoccurred lipoma on my left shoulders which has grown in size, I started feeling the discomfort and when consulted the doctor suggested that it be rooted out, as it may cause problem later on. So I made the decision to get it out and now it’s over ten days and I am in the process of healing.

I am grateful to the doctor who dared and took the initiative and helped me get this out of my body; very skillfully engaging me in conversation and very carefully without any complications. I just needed to check the sugar levels and my BP for this surgery. (I remember for the same surgery I attempted last year and I was given a surgical profile with so many tests that I got tired and fed up of taking all the test s and finally never had the surgery) .I was praying for a long time to be lead to the right doctor to get this issue resolved. Took homeopathy for 6 to 8 months with very little improvement. Finally I am glad that this is over and my wound is already healed to a large extent another week and it will be totally healed.

I have been visiting the doctor practically every evening to get the wound dressed; and with pain killer and antibiotics I have been resting at home, doing minimum work at home and taking a few emergency calls from my counseling centre.
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I am happy to have remained in a state of gratitude, despite little discomforts, pain and inconveniences and surprised myself with the way I am coping. I am also constantly affirmed by doctor, my husband taking up a lot of work at home and out offering complete support in this time, and my friends who are constantly praying and sending positive affirmations everyday is truly a blessing.

Just last night I had a dream where in I am lifted above the ground level, and been flown by the wind; what I see below is shocking, I see thorny paths, uneven ground, rocky places and no paths to walk, and then I just look up to see myself being just carried away by the breeze smoothly to a place which is peaceful and a few women are sitting and waiting for me.

I land up there effortlessly and take a seat amidst them. Then I start taking sessions on how to  learn to rise above all problems in life and how to move along with the wind, the women are so touched, they cry and very impressed with my sharing; and they tell me how they have seen me being flown above rocky grounds and how they have admired me pass through thorny, rocky and uneven paths of life. 

I woke up with a smile and was wondering and thinking about this dream for a whole day and felt that I must remember to write it down; perhaps this is connected to my current happenings in  life.

“Dreams are guiding words of the soul” Carl Jung

I got up in the morning to make Tiffin for my daughter as her school bus will come by 7.30am but the dream was so vivid that I could not forget and kept it on mulling over it and tried to interpret it in my life; and I found that from September onwards my life has been on rocky path with so many challenges; of diagnosis of dengue, typhoid followed by swelling in the legs, pain in the joints  and I have been truly lifted up despite a minor surgery and its discomforts, through it all I found myself sailing smoothly accepting everything, trusting in the lord and believing in myself that there is no short route to victory; and passing through these phases of discomfort and sickness are paths leading to wholeness.

I am thinking of susan scott, who is a inspirational writer and interprets dreams with deep insights, and hopefully will throw some light on my dreamJ  One thing is certain I feel quite strong at this moment of my life and motivated and convinced of my own purpose.

Amidst all this there was long distance friend who has travelled all the way from US to celebrate an informal thanksgiving with a few close families and friends from the same parish community.

Then the 13th birthday remembrance of my son Emmanuel which was on the 8th December; reminding us of his presence – we visited the grave and decorated with flowers and candles and shared what we had with the less fortunate children.

What more could I want, my journey in gratitude continues …. Hopefully giving me new direction in the year to come… and leading me to interpret, evolve and find the meaning and purpose for my existence…


  1. What an extraordinary post Genevive thank you for sharing it with us. So pleased that healing after surgery to your left shoulder is going well. No doubt the doctor's care and concern goes a long way towards your healing and that of all your friends and family as well. And above all else, your ongoing gratitude to all that is ...

    And the memory of the treasure that is Emmanuel ...

    Your dream is lovely - the wind, Ru or ra in ancient Hebrew - lifting you, as it does in biblical texts. Do write it down - it is a lovely and graphic dream. I can see it as I read it. You may remember other details as you write it down. Or make associations, not necessarily personal, to those women who welcomed you - and listened to you. Even sketch this dream - including the rocky stony ground. It made you smile throughout the day - how lovely is that!

    Thank you for this lovely post!

    1. Thanks susan, so nice to hear from you;I am being very patient and persevering to myself in the last 3- 4 months; just allowing myself to go with whatever is happening - but ensuring that I am always grateful taking everything in the right spirit, trusting in providence and of course and believing that everything is so well timed in life; and for those who believe in the Lord, it works together for good, as st Paul says to the Romans. I loved the way you brought in the word Ru :) I do feel like sketching:) but I never done before:) nevertheless I shall attempt and the dream is still very clear to me and makes me smile:):) Thanks for your comments, it means a lot to me. Appreciate you for connecting, thank you !!


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