December 22, 2016

Small Joys!!

Annual Day with her friends

Annual Day at St Michael's school
Maria Dorothy with me and David
In the last week small little things brought me immense happiness and joy; I am happy that my daughter was in the choir for her annual day function in her school. She was practising and was singing to me to everyday and was excited about all that was happening in her practice session in her school. She seemed to be learning the songs and singing with her classmates. I and David were happy to watch her perform on the stage, for their School Annual day function. We clicked a few pictures and affirmed her by giving special memorable dinner.

I was able to work without much stress; both at home and at my centre.  I am glad for the new dress for Christmas which David picked up for me and my daughter. Also a few more things for the house like the blankets and the cushion covers and few more gifts to give away to those who are connected with our lives.

Happiness is found within, and its real when shared!! So choose to be happy and share your happiness in whatever small ways you can …. It makes a huge difference!!

Last Sunday I felt it’s been some time I have been irregular to church services, so felt like going for mass; while I was getting ready, I got a call from one of our student, wanting to know whether the counseling centre is open. I had to tell her that we don’t work on Sundays. Then  I tried to find out if she had any problem, she started crying nonstop- the reason, she had an anxiety attack and was feeling suicidal, not knowing what to do, she sounded desperate.

I made a choice to stay back home and listened to this child who was desperate and needed someone to listen. After half an hour she was feeling better and I assured her of my support and recommended her to meet me at the centre the following morning, also kept in touch with her by calling her back post noon to check if she had lunch and generally checked her well being.

People don’t need our advice; they just need someone to listen and a heart to understand…..

It was a very small act from my end, but made me feel good that I could be available for her, when she needed the most.

With demonetisation it’s been a problem to make payments in cash; thankfully I could  make all the payments in cheques and in the process also met my classmate and friend over lunch and it was a surprise, unplanned meeting, but brought in so much happiness, spending a little time and chatting away non stop J
South Indian Lunch
A friend is someone, with whom you can pick up a conversation from anywhere
 and dare to be yourself.

The last few days I found myself dealing with students who had serious issues with their thought processes – and I like a wounded healer was explaining them, the power of mind; and how our mind influences our feelings and behaviour. I felt this was blessing in disguise, as I found that I was also stating these thoughts to myself, and in the process I was practising on myself to stay positive.

Some affirmations I have been practising are:

I love myself as I am
I am alive, breathing and happy
I accept everything that is happening in my life
My body is healing itself and I am in the process of recovery
I am getting better and better every day
I am calm, relaxed and in harmony with myself and everyone around me
I am filled with gratitude for everything in my life
I am completely open for new learnings and changes
I look forward with hope and optimism
I believe in the divine protection and providence
Smile and be happy!! All is well in my world.


  1. How lovely that you could listen to your desperate student Genevieve - a listening and understanding ear is such a gift. Your affirmations are lovely too. Happy Christmas to you and your family, both close and far - keep on shining like the lamp of light that you are. Love, Susan

    1. Thank you susan, Merry Christmas to you and your family too... may this Christmas fill you with love, joy, peace, happiness and harmony. Glad to hear from you and thanks for being so sweet and prompt in commenting, appreciate you, love and hugs:)


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