November 17, 2016

Gratitude -September & October 2016

“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.” Kristin Armstrong

Today I am happy to be able to do this post.  It’s almost two months, since I made any effort to do a post, except for a couple of repost which was easier to do it.

Orange Juice
I have been having fever on and off and I tried managing with Paracetamol and continued my daily schedule as usual. One day I developed mild shivers at my workplace; I could not manage so I returned home to rest and felt better, again at night I felt cold and shivers, took a tablet and next day visited the doctor, who told me that it must be viral fever. 

I was given antibiotics for 3 days and the fever temporarily subsided, only to return back after day 3 in the night with cold and shivers. My tongue changed its colours with blisters and I saw dark spots on my face and both hands and my palms too had dark black spots.

So I was back in the clinic and the doctor gave me ointment for the tongue and lips and made sure that my fever comes down. Simultaneously suggested that I go for a fever profile tests. To my shock I found dengue positive and traces of typhoid. Immediately the doctor started the treatment as it was identified early enough and I was bed rest for the next two to three weeks.

Never in my life I was so sick with swellings in both the feet, hands, face and had difficulty to walk around freely. I was not able to bend my fingers, as they got stiff and so could not do any work at home. Suddenly everything changed in my life, and I started feeling insecure with pain and my in ability to be independently managing myself.

I felt this is the best time to count my blessings again; because the focus was on pain, discomfort and it was easy to get into negative thinking. I have always fought everything in my life; by changing my thinking patterns- the moment I was able to start working and type, I decided to write my thank you list:
I am thankful for
1.      My husband David and my daughter Dorothy who helped me and supported me in every way. Dorothy was having exams and despite that she did some cooking, managed to take care of herself and also assisted me in everything.

2.      The doctor who went out of his way, and even visited me a couple of times to check if all is well, and was available to take call even at odd hours. If not for him, I would have been hospitalised and would have gone through a long process of treatment, leaving my family to take care of themselves. I was lucky to have been identified early and treated with regular checkups.

3.      For our priests in the parish who have been kind and not only praying but also visited and comforted and gave courage and confidence.

4.   For Sam & Sunny (my nephews) who visited me and spent some time with me; and ensured that I had enough of fruits and snacks and at other times were in touch, regularly finding out my progress.

5.  For a long distance friend who made some healthy home remedies, which are easy to consume with minimum time for myself; and also some readymade powders to make easy lunch for my daughters Tiffin.
Home made healthy pickles from Vizag
Home made powders for meals &tiffins from vizag
Home made  powder easy  mix for meals
6.      For my neighbour who was ready to reach out and help my daughter in the kitchen, and also stayed with her whenever I had to go to the doctor for a checkup/tests/bring test reports.

7.      For the praying groups on whatsapp who constantly enquired, made calls and assured me of their prayers; sending vibes of love, peace and healing.
8.   For my friends who visited  and constantly assured me of support and prayers and kept in touch with me, filling my kitchen with  snacks, curries, eatables, as they knew I was finding difficult to cook and they ensured that I am comfortable and my family is not stressed.

9.      For my head of my department who was kind and understanding about my absence; and kept in touch with me; giving me freedom to work from home for few hours and evolved alternatives for my work.

10.  For my colleagues who managed work in my absence and also stayed in touch with me, assuring me about their support.

11.  I am glad to be alive – to be able to move around now; to be reading, watching television, sitting with my daughter and listening to the school stories, praying together, listening to music, watching humor. Catching up with friends, making a to do list, reading a few blogs and commenting on them.

12.  Glad to be back to work and gradually getting into the routine; and meeting the students and listening to their problems – help me to see my problem small compared to what I am having.

13.  Thankful for the invitation to a kitty party, wherein I was able spend some time with few friends, and found opportunity to interact and taste something different from my usual lunch.


14.   I am grateful for the auto drivers, we have almost three different persons who live close to  our residence and are very helpful to us; especially in emergencies they are available. It  would not have been possible for me to get back to work without their help. They also  help me in everything that I want to, whether picking up some fruits/medicines, visiting  the bank/post office and getting my cell recharge.

15.  For regular calls and messages from nearby friends assuring and wishing me good health and speedy recovery.

16.  For my ability and patience to type small paragraphs everyday despite swelling in my fingers and happy that I am able to type and grateful to God.

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; 
Gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the
 lives of those around you.” 
Eileen Caddy


  1. Aah! Dengue with typhoid... that's painful. Hope you are fit and fine now, Genevive. It's a blessing that you have so many caring people around you. Stay blessed and take care :)

    1. Slowly getting back into the routine; and so happy to read your posts, enjoy commenting too.Its truly a blessing to be surrounded by people who love and care for you. Thanks shilpa for being here :)

  2. Am tidying my computer this Sunday and am surprised to see my original comment is not present Genevive. I remember commenting and feeling sad that you have been so unwell ... I truly hope that you are well on the mend. Bless all your helpers, kindness and care so needed -

    1. Thanks susan that so sweet of you, and now I am glad to be connected with you. And yes !! grateful for everything, wanting to shift my focus from ill health to good health, so started counting my blessings, thanks for being here, appreciate you always:)


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