October 25, 2016


I am re posting this write up in memory of my mother !!

Rosemary Viaguladass
25 October is my mom’s birthday! I am happy for my mother, who is no more.  She was the best. I never cease to thank God for the gift of her in my life. I want to celebrate today and made plans to make this day a special one in my family. 

Mom, Celi my sister &cousin Philomena
There were times in my life, when I thought she was foolish, and argued with her as a teenager, and questioned some of her beliefs. At other times I was also stubborn and refused to eat, when I did not like the food she made, and criticised her for being old fashioned. 

It was a love/hate relationship with her – my perceptions about her changed as I grew up becoming independent, making my own decisions and worked in various capacities, changing jobs and learning from a variety of experiences life offered.  I was happy because all the experiences helped me to value all that I had in my life. 

I began appreciating every relationship and grew fond of my mother for all that she did, in raising up a large family of nine children.  By the time I reached 26 years I built up a very good rapport with her, and started sharing all my feelings and learning’s.  

She trusted me a lot with all that I did be it academics, career, friends, church activities and even hobbies.  She never interfered with choices I made and I am eternally grateful for the freedom she gave to learn, explore and find myself.  Whatever I am today, is only because of the love, encouragement, support and the trust that she had in me.

I have memories of going out to watch Tamil films on Friday for a morning show; she enjoyed watching Shivaji Ganeshan, K R Vijaya, MGR, Jayalalitha,  Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, Rajinikanth.  In Hindi, it was Dharmendra, Hema malini, Amitabh & Jaya and later on Salman khan Maduri dixit, Shahrukh & Juhi Chawla.  The last movie I saw with her was Preity Zinta’s Kya Kehana.

mom with my sister philomena & aunt angelina
This morning I am overwhelmed with gratitude for what she was tome till the end of her life. I am still unable to get over the last part of her journey, wherein she was willing to accompany me to the hospital for my second child’s delivery.  The last conversation was a comforting one assuring me that I and my child are in safe hands, and she will be by my side.

I am blessed to have a great mother, who nurtured me in her womb that is not replaceable and continued to nurture till I myself became a mother.  I respect and revere the divine status that she represented in bringing me to this earth.

“My mom is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. “  Graycie Harmon quotes

Happy Birthday Mother ! Glad for the experiences, and Thank you for being part of my life !!


  1. This was so beautiful. I was touched to read about your love for your mother, and how much she means to you. A mother's influence never ends. It reaches out and touches your own children, and theirs too. God bless you.

    1. Thank you Cynthia for your kind words, today I really feel the void, as rightly put mother's love never ends, appreciate you for your comments !

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  3. Hello Genevieve, so lovely to see you here! Your tribute to your mother is lovely and sounds as fresh as the day you wrote it 3 years ago. Yes our mothers were amazing ...

    1. Hi Susan, thats so kind of you. I have been out of blogging for some time, as I have not been well for the last one month. diagnosed with dengue and traces of typhoid. Its been difficult time and am in the process of recovery..

  4. I pressed the button too soon ... your mother Rosemary was lovely, I can see you in her ...

    1. This happens to me to some times, thanks for the lovely compliment, its such a great feeling for me to know, I resemble my mom. Now with swelling in hands and legs its a challenge to write and type too:) love and hugs..glad to connect.


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