June 13, 2016

Shillong - Bop Hill

One of the most fascinating experiences is this place, which is situated between Mawlynnong to Dawki. I was in awe watching this beautiful, serene, quiet, greenery, only with the sound of waterfalls which was loud and clear.

I have no words to describe this experience; I let the pictures speak, took some pictures and spent a little time. The waterfalls look awesome amidst black huge rocks, with surrounding dark green trees all over. There is the bridge by which you can stand and watch this waterfall.

We were advised not to stand long as the water with its force has a pull and few persons have accidently fallen, such is powerful force of this waterfall gushing endlessly.

All I can say reliving this again and again is “Thank You Lord for this Wonderful Experience”


  1. You're right Genevieve, the pictures say it all! They are truly beautiful! Thank you!

    1. Thanks susan, thats so kind of you. I have not been well with the last week and now slowly getting back to shape and feeling happy posting this pictures means reliving them :) Love connecting with you !!


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