June 14, 2016

Visiting the Bangladesh Border

One important place that I visited during this trip to the North East was the Bangladesh border. I could not believe my eyes that we were so close. I just needed to walk across one line of control and I will be in another country J

I could see tourist of Bangladesh standing opposite to us and watching our country’s border and here I am standing and looking at them, smiling away, hardly any difference between us and them. I salute our soldiers who are at the border security force (BSF) 24 /7 guarding our country. I was filled with awe, wonder and amazement when I saw them in the army dress alert and ready standing at the border.

This filled me with gratitude for our soldiers, who guard the country, because of whom we are able to sleep in peace. They are away from their homes, their loved ones and families only to ensure that we and our families are together safe and secure.

A lot of other tourists who also came to the border took photographs with the security; and I was also enthusiastic in taking some pictures to create a memory for myself and my daughter.  We were there for little while watching the other side; and also came to know from the driver that some of the time their cattle’s comes grazing crossing the border and people come in search this side.  Also found this place green and interesting to find that the waterfalls from this side was  flowing into the Bangladesh, making the place look fertile and green.

In my younger days I also visited Jalandhar and it was the Pakistan border; but the distant was too much and there barbed wires and we had to maintain a lot of distance to see the soldiers patrolling at LOC. (Line of control). In comparison I was quite happy to see this border from close quarters and I felt I was so much close to visit another neighbouring country. 

Later on my friend suggested that I come again and it’s not very difficult to get the entry by road…. Wherein one can submit Indian passport and they issue an Indo Bangla passport and go for a tour in Bangladesh.

Happy to have visited this place; and feeling grateful J

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