May 31, 2016

Mawlynnong Village, Shillong

The next place to visit was an interesting place a village that is supposed to be the cleanest village in India. Situated 90 kms from Shillong. High on a hill, and surrounded by natural forests is a beautiful sight with root bridge and a boulder balancing on another rock is worth seeing.

The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture. They mostly grow betel nut. About 82 households live in Mawlynnong. Keeping the surrounding environment clean is an age old tradition. Discover India magazine declared the village as the cleanest in Asia in 2003.

A dustbin made out of bamboo is found all along the village. Everyone makes it a point that dirt and waste are not thrown everywhere. All the waste from the dustbin is collected and kept in a pit, which the villagers use as manure. The villagers are now on a mission to ban plastic. The village with cent per cent literacy is conscious and they are spreading the message of conservation and protection of the forest. Locals plant trees to ensure that the virgin forest is kept intact and also replenished.

Mawlynnong’s fame is now drawing an endless stream of guests from across the country and abroad. Although residential facilities are still scarce and are in the process of being developed, the existing one constructed from bamboo and thatch is quite hospitable and restful. Mawlynnong is an artist’s delight and the sort of getaway that would titillate creative writers and poets.

We spent a lot of time, going around the village, found very cozy and comfortable houses made of bamboo and I loved the pineapples, which are very popular and extremely sweet. I have never tasted a pineapple so sweet. You get at a very cheap price and they added little salt/pepper and sell it for 10 rupees a plate with a toothpick. I helped myself and walked along this small village eating pine apples, we can see hens, cocks, dogs roaming around freely. Kids are clean; the women are busy and are maintaining their houses well. There is a small school for kids. 

We get good food, home cooked very neatly laid on the table with freshly cooked vegetables, fried fish, chicken curry, cucumber, lady finger boiled and dal, at a very reasonable price. Everything is managed by women very efficiently and they serve you with a smile.

There are also viewpoints here, and for the first time in my life I climbed quite high on bamboo staircase holding my heart J which leads to the tree top.. .. I managed to climb half the way and was too frightened to get right on the tree top.
So I sat down half way, enjoyed the scene and was in awe and wonder just looking at the green surrounding, feeling the fresh breeze and admiring the inhabitants and their way of life.


  1. What an interesting post Genevive! The photos are lovely - thank you for sharing this trip with us!

    1. Thanks susan, was away for a wedding to Vellore, which is in Tamilnadu, just returned today and happy to connect with you here...


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