April 25, 2016

U– Uniqueness & Unity

I have chosen 26 tips for married life as my theme for the
A-Z challenge 2016. Today’s word is Uniqueness & Unity

It’s been a challenge for me to do this post; as I had too many things to handle both at home and office; and I wondered whether I would complete this post. I managed to completed it today and patting myself to have been able to post this today; hope you are doing well with your posts. I need some time to catch and comment on your posts. Thanks for encouraging me and I appreciate you for visiting my page. I am focusing today on Uniqueness and Unity in married life.

Each of us is unique beings and we have a unique set of talents and capacities that we need to Use them to the best of our ability. So that we enjoy who we are, being ourselves and sharing the set of talents and gifts God has bestowed on us naturally. The talents and capacities are unique to our character, wherein only we can accomplish what has been given to us. In the martial life too when two persons live together as a couple – appreciating the differences and complementing each other for their strengths keeps us united, healthy,  happy and alive.
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I feel it is very important for me to understand that I acknowledge, accept and gratefully use the talents the Lord has bestowed upon me; I loved singing and I used to sing in the parish choir for more than a decade and some of the songs made me cry, still some brought me happiness and the others filled me with optimism and hope. Listening to music was another hobby of mine and enjoyed listening to the radio…. After marriage singing became difficult and I am hoping to get back to singing once again after 15 years, hope to join singing classes, as I am interested in Hindustani vocal (which I discontinued after attending for two full years at college of music and dance).

Similarly David is also very interested in writing devotional songs in Hindi; which he continues to do so, and earlier I was not interested but now I feel that he must do what he wants and loves to so he gets busy with prayer meetings and writing lyrics from the scripture in Hindi. I always loved swimming and I learnt in the early days after my graduation, after which I never got chance to continue; very recently I started going for swimming after my son’s death in 2011 and continued for two to three years and I was so glad to participate in the district level competition at the age of 50.
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The most beautiful aspect is that I had both my husband and daughter standing by the pool while I was racing for 50 meters and 100 meters… I am glad that me and David are able to see the unique talents and capacities of each other and complement. I also found David very good in organizing, delegating and planning all events in the family and I allow him to do so because I see that as his strength and I do not interfere. He is also good at bargaining, purchase and marketing (earlier he had a cloth store which he managed on his own) so I let him do what he loves and enjoys doing. I love reading and books are something that I treasure; and David helped create space for my books even though he does not read those books.

Despite our differences we stand united as a couple for finding our own meaning and purpose to our lives. We complement each other in allowing one another to use our talents to the best of ability. We also share our responsibilities and with mutual understanding make space for each other.

Be Blessed & Be Happy:)


  1. Such an important message Genevive in your saying about recognising how we each have unique personalities, thank you. And our talents, to be used in whatever way is unique to us and encouraging others to do likewise, leading to unity!

    1. Thanks Susan :) you are so affirming and its always a pleasure to hear from you; thanks for motivating me today ! love and hugs to you.


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