December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! + Gratitude List for December 2015

I am back again to write my gratitude list today that is Christmas; as the day ends and before I retire to bed, I just want to write my gratitude list; Christmas is a beautiful season and I just love and like to celebrate this festival with joy and happiness;

I wish you a Merry Christmas!! and am so glad for all that I was able to accomplish not just today but for the last one week; cleaning, clearing the clutter; giving away, sharing and making a conscious decision to keep the spirit of Christmas intact in my heart and in my life.

So glad to be with the family and watch my husband and daughter decorate the tree and also put a small crib for the first time at home. It was a pleasure to watch them putting all the effort to make it look grand. I look at everything I was able to do in the last week, with a grateful heart; so here goes my list:

Glad to do the annual report for my psychological counseling centre; it’s like reliving everything that has happened in this academic year; and it brings smile on my face and makes me realize how much of work we have done together as a team; and fills me with immense gratitude for my head and my colleagues who are supportive throughout the year. It also motivates me to continue in this helping service wherein I meet so students interact with them and journey with them in their tough times and their progress is my success and the smile that returns on their face is a fulfilling experience I cherish with gratitude.

I am also grateful to have a very good advisory board for the counselling centre; the members are so very positive and encouraging. It gives me a boost to keep doing my part and give my best to this centre; as long as I am here, as I am clear that the purpose is not work here forever; but to create systems that will go a long way in helping students who have nowhere to go.

I am also thankful to continue sorting, cleaning, putting the house in order for Christmas and giving away all those things to the less privileged; all  the clutter that is occupying space in my house; some of the things I do not use and it’s there that I may someday use.

I am grateful for attending a thanksgiving prayer service nearer to my residence; they are relatives of David and it was meaningful to join them as they celebrated birthday of one of their son and it was a quiet, peaceful prayer with fellowship meal.

I was happy to join in for another celebration last week; it was an invitation for a psychiatry specialty hospital. The psychiatrist is on our advisory board and has been extremely kind and generous especially with the students who are economically backward. I often recommend students who have serious psychological issues and require a doctor to treat them. This psychiatrist is a busy doctor and always helps poor students by not charging them for consultation fee and also provides free medications, sometimes he will connect to institutions that give free medications for the students who cannot afford.  I am grateful to have persons like this doctor who are so very generous and committed to their work.

Last but not the least today  was a great day for all of us at home; wherein we went for the very first time midnight service along with two other families; cut a cake at midnight, sang carols and even danced for while. Today morning myself and David did the cooking together and shared what we made with my neighbours and friends. David packed lunch for his mother; and we had his sister and her little daughter with us.

I am also grateful for the two of my friends who chose to spend time with our family for Christmas; and it was fun to be surrounded by the loved ones. Today was a celebration of joy – there was carol singing, music, dance, sharing, wine, cake, good friends, visitors, Christmas goodies, delicious meals, fun and laughter.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas ! 


  1. What a fulfilling time you've had Genevieve - I'm not surprised because you yourself fulfil so much in the need of others. Your Christmas Tree is beautiful as are the family photographs - the light and happiness shines!
    May you continue dancing and I am grateful that I can share in the dance, even from so far away xx

    1. Thanks Susan I am so glad to be connected to you; and appreciate you for your kind words. when there is joy in the heart, singing and dancing happens, its like an auto response and I feel blessed and grateful for everything ... when there is love, distant does not matter at all:) feel much closer to you here, love and hugs to you!!

  2. So good to see happy smiles all around. Wishing you the very best of the festive season and may the new year bring in more reasons to smile and spread cheer! Cheers ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, appreciate you for being here and for the kind words; and wish you and your family too a very happy and wonderful 2016 in advance:) love and hugs to you !!


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