December 17, 2015

My Gratitude List! December, 2015

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The last few days has been busy and last week was extremely difficult to do any post; and I realized there is something missing in my life, I have not made the gratitude list for this week; neither did I get any reminders. So I decided to do a small list as this is an important exercise that keeps me happy and I do not want to give it up; so here goes my gratitude list:
  • Grateful for every activity that has gone well in the last week, being part of a group that was planning and implementing the Christmas carnival. For the volunteers who generously gave their time and energy to help out in the carnival. For all those members who worked very hard to make it a successful event.
  • For the good health and mind and body and the ability to do all the work both at home and at my counseling centre.
  • Meaningful interactions with family and friends who are so much part of my life; and the energy that I draw in being happy and active.
  • Grateful for the tailor who stitched my blouse and delivered on time; and went an extra mile to call me up and find out if it’s fine or is there any alterations.
  • Grateful for the mechanic who took care of my bike and sorted some issues of replacement of a tube, the break shoe, changed oil and got my batteries recharged so that I have a smooth and safe ride on the roads.
  • Grateful for having found a new helper for my mother in law; in helping her to manage herself and her requirements.
  • Grateful for persons who visit my mother in law and pray in her house; and spend some time listening to her.
  • Grateful for the good neighbours surrounding her house; who are watchful and also very helpful especially during power cuts; and to fill drinking water from the taps for storage.
  • Grateful for the season of advent, a time to spread the message of hope and also a beautiful season for sharing; I sorted out a lot of my clothes, junk jewellery and my daughter’s dresses which are in good condition to give away to the needy.
  • Grateful for having found an interesting book for reading by Carl Rogers “On Becoming a Person” A therapist view of psychotherapy.

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Be Blessed & Be Happy

Make your gratitude list and see the difference J


  1. I'm coming late to this post Genevieve although I read it at the time. Like you all has been so busy. People coming and going, ongoing buying of food ... (so grateful that I can) - and still to do some Christmas shopping! I went to the shops today but couldn't find parking ... I'll try later! So, it is good to be at home and to do some catch up on mails, tidy study desk, make lists etc. Also to do a tiny bit of planting ... Carl Rogers is excellent. I loved his books.

    1. Thanks Susan, its always my pleasure to be connected with you; and yes Merry Christmas to you !! and May the Good Lord bless you with good health, peace, harmony and fulfilment. I have been running in circles, clearing the clutter both at home and at my centre, getting ready for Christmas and planning the menu and so many things listed.... just saw your comment and here its 10.40 p.m and felt like checking my emails and it was so nice to hear from you... thanks for being here and also wish you a very happy new year 2016 !! in advance !


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