December 29, 2015

A Birthday Letter to Myself!!!

Hi me!
Happy birthday to I, me and myself J

chocolate cake
I am glad to wake up alive today and can’t believe that I am here on this planet for the last 53 years. Happy to enjoy good health of mind and body, glad that I can still smile, with a cheerfulness and bright outlook in life.

I began my day with thanksgiving; attended the church service; quite delighted as I had a surprise birthday cake which I cut at midnight 12 o clock with family and few close friends. Then I had so many messages, greetings, calls filling me with love, laughter and gratitude overflowing throughout the day and still continues…..

Today I am content and at peace with myself. I have no regrets to what has gone by; I look back at the past with a heart full of gratitude and marvel at the way I have reached every milestone in life. I continue to trust God and thank Him for his unconditional love, acceptance and belief in me. I have experienced God at every turn of my life and feel so much privileged for the faith shared by my parents to me; I have always held on to faith in all moments of my life; and have seen the best and the worst times of my life; I am grateful for plenty of learnings that I have had and with a variety of experiences, today I feel confident, competent and better equipped to deal with any issue that can challenge me.

I am also grateful for all the opportunities I had to grow in knowledge making me academically sound. I am lucky to have found  persons who have lighted my path towards finding meaningful work; and still continue to push me to  learn and making learning a lifelong affair.

David and Dorothy
I am also thankful for the family that stands by me; David and Dorothy have been a strong support in every decision I take; for their love, care, concern and for always reaching out to me whenever I needed; I cherish them in my life, and thank God a million times for them.

Today I want to acknowledge and thank God for Neomi, who has always been a great support, guide and mentor in empowering me, and  giving me opportunities to serve at YWCA; Nymphea, for her commitment to the task and for her smart swift and prompt style of functioning and being so very generous with herself in offering her services whenever required; and  Aparna for her understanding of my strengths, complimenting me in planning, strategizing, and encouraging me to stay update with the current issues and get into need based work in the community.

 YWCA Christmas Carnival
 I am glad to be associated with YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) for the commitment of so many women who give their time, energy, talent to make the world a better, safer and secure place for girls and women.

I am also grateful to my college friends, – Indra, subhandra, Subashini, Saroj who have now reconnected with me and it’s such a pleasure and fun to stay in touch almost daily.
College mates
It’s a blessings to have groups that is constantly motivating me with quotes, thoughts, inspiring messages, stories and give regular updates on the current issues, am happy there are three groups in my life: am  thankful for them : Christian connect (CC) and AOU (Ambedkar Open University)  and V5

I am glad for both sunny and Sam two of my nephews who never forget my birthday, and they are there for me with their constant love, care and support. It’s a joy to have them in my life and I feel so proud that once upon a time I carried them in my arms and today they have grown wonderfully in faith.

My thanks to all my friends on face book and  whatsapp… I appreciate all of you for your kind words and best wishes…..

The day is ending and I come home to see both David and Dorothy ready for me with delicious dinner ready to serve; cake to cut, and some cards and gifts waiting for me. My brother Francis has come from work to wish me and we had a small chat for a while and then I have surprise calls from few of my friends who will stop by to wish me and spend a little time. 

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What more could I ask for in life J just GRATEFUL FOR ANOTHER YEAR ADDED TO MY LIFE!

Thanks to you my friend who is reading my post; I am glad to connect with you and wish you the very best in life!


  1. Genevieve! Belated happy birthday for yesterday! I wish you another 53 years at least, in which to pass on your grace and beauty, kindness and inspiration to all with whom you come into contact. Your day sounds lovely and may your year be beautiful too!

  2. Thanks Susan:) another 53 will be too much:):) appreciate your kind thoughts and generous words, am smiling away as I read your comment. Today is the last day of 2015 and am so glad reviewing with gratitude, thanks for inspiring me this year, so glad that I connected with you and want to thank you for all the learnings; wish you have a great 2016 with good health, happiness, harmony and fulfilling and meaningful time for self and family. Happy New Year 2016 Susan :) love and hugs to you !!


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