December 31, 2015

Gratitude List for 2015 + Linking Gratitude Circle

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A few hours more and then we move into the next year 2016. For me this is a time to just review the year 2015 and lift up my heart with Gratitude to God and to family and friends who have enabled me and accompanied me throughout this year; 

I can never underestimate the power of family and friends, they are my strength, my support system and very basic foundation wherein all the other accomplishments of my life rests. They have been my greatest blessings, my energy and my driving and motivating factor in not only bringing meaning into my life, but also helping me to stay active, healthy and balanced. 
With these sentiments in my heart, here goes my gratitude list for the year 2015:

The privilege to be involved in evolving and presenting two research papers in the International Seminar one held at Madurai and another one at Hyderabad. Both the papers were action oriented and it reflected my involvement and my work with women and Youth. Glad for the publication in the International Journal for Human Rights.

My trips to the Horsley Hills in Madanapally, a hill station surrounded with beautiful trees, and known for fascinating sun rise and sun set points and the experience of walking in the real forest of Talakona caves in Andhra Pradesh. The other trip was to Pondicherry in Tamilnadu, a dream comes true for me to visit Aurobindo Ashram and Matru Mandir meditation centre, the visit was a pleasant and memorable one.
A quiet place for meditaton - at Pillar in Madurai
Gratitude for the trust placed on me by the members of YWCA and giving me an opportunity to serve as the President which is both a privilege and responsibility in giving my best to enhance the capacity of myself and the other women members who are part of this journey towards empowerment process.

I have been able to consistently be thankful throughout this year 2015 despite all challenges; some moments when I was physically unwell; other moments when I had to take a series of tests and visits to the doctor; and all the physical discomforts that can easily sap my energy leading towards pessimism and negative about everything. Gratitude to so many bloggers who have inspired me and constantly reminded me to list gratitude, link up gratitude and motivated me to be kind.

I am also grateful for the attempt I made to read a couple of books; even though I wanted to read more, hopefully this New Year one of my goal will definitely be to invest in few good books and reinvent my reading habits.

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I am grateful for the ability to always look at alternatives to be healthy; which has helped me to consciously choose healthy foods and bring in some very minor changes, move towards alternative systems of medicine and explore possibilities of resolving all health issues only through diet, exercise, meditation, yoga and practising affirmations and gratitude to stay healthy.

There were persons in my extended family and friend circle who were alive in the beginning of 2015 but are no more in this world as the year ends, some journeys end before time; and some so sudden I wonder how could this happen. Some more have brought their life to an abrupt end due to depression and road accident… these are sad moments and painful for their families left behind.  I feel disheartened to think of these events; on the other side I am grateful to have been alive and to see the year end to begin with a new dawn, a brand new start of another year 2016.

As I embark upon this journey with faith and gratitude, I allow myself to flow in the direction life wants me to in empowering myself and empowering my companions.  May this New Year bring in a fresh and new zeal of energy transforming self  and everyone around me.. would love to read your gratitude list ?

Happy New Year 2016!!  Wishing all of you God’s abundant blessings J


  1. Such grace with your gratitude Genevieve! What a lovely full year even if tempered with sadness at the loss of loved ones.

    Sometime in the next day or so I'll make a gratitude list. I write nightly in my journal for all that I'm grateful. I began it in early Jan (last year 2015!) and it would be good to check it out.

    May 2016 bring you abundance and joy, meeting any challenge with your usual grace and goodwill and mega doses of charm :) :)

  2. Thanks Susan for consistently affirming me, it matters so much to know that you care enough to stay in touch,I am eager to read your list.. hope to stay in touch and thanks again for all the love, concern and boost you give me to write and keep posting, thank you and God bless you and your family!!

  3. You have a lot of things to be grateful for, Angela. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

    1. Thanks Vinitha, its always a nice feeling to hear a comment, appreciate you and wish you a great year ahead !!


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