October 31, 2015

Some More Gratitude for October, 2015

“Replace Fear with Gratitude, and the whole world changes” 
Terri Guillemets    

The month of October began with few celebrations and in between there was also a feeling low phase; wherein I was not feeling ok with cough which seemed persistent, recurring and I did not want take any antibiotics if not required, so tried another alternative; a home remedy.

Thanks to my friend Neomi who gave a very useful recipe to deal with cough and it worked like magic for me. I am grateful to share this here: here goes the details for the home made Kshayam i.e., (syrup).

2 cups water boil with 1 medium onion chopped+1 table spoon of peppercorns + 1 table spoon jiggery+ 1 small piece thumb size ginger crushed.

Boil this cool strain and keep in fridge, keep making it hot and have throughout the day.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to be involved in Life Skill Education programme for 24 young Adolescent Girls [who are affected by HIV] in collaboration with, Global Organization for Development [G.O.D.]. in this month and it was such a pleasure interacting with them and being part of their learning process which also enriched me and brought in some newness in my routine, wherein I felt energetic at the end of the sessions.

I am also grateful and inspired by David my husband who patiently and cheerfully visits his mother every day and keeps a check on her well being; sometimes even cooks, feeds and helps her by providing all the medical help required as she is unable to move and manage independently.

Gratitude for the regular friends and neighbours who stay in touch by their phone  calls, visits, whatsapp and some times surprise us with some snack or a trial recipe; are a great blessing in life, they are reminders of Divine love for us.

For all the bloggers who share their gratitude and keep me encouraged and motivated, throughout the month and yes! Some times a whole year through…

Be Blessed & Be Happy J


  1. Lovely post Genevive thank you! Hope that cough is now a thing of the past. And bless your husband for being so caring of his mother.

  2. Thanks Susan..... yes the cough is gone, its also a change in weather.. winter setting in and weather being very unpredictable, we have to be careful... true agree with you, very few people actually have the charism to look at the sick and ageing.. and I am relaxed because David has that special gift to care... so when mother and son are happy with each other, to an extent I am not burdened...thank God for these privileges...

  3. I liked the home made remedy for cough you shared. While other ingredients are commonly used for cough, onion is a new one. Hope you are feeling fit and fine now. Take care, Genevive!

    1. Thanks shilpa, I am happy to know that you liked the home remedy, it did work very well for me and I am happy to use these alternatives rather than popping a pill. Nice to connect with you shilpa:)


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