October 30, 2015

Matru Mandir - Meditation Centre

Today as I got up early than usual, I had enough time to walk for few minutes, do some yogic stretches and also meditate for some time and pray. The weather in Hyderabad is pleasant, very cool and in the early hours it’s a great feeling to just close your eyes and sit in silence. As I spent my time in silence a few images came to my mind….. the images were from the places wherein I visited recently, i.e., Matru Mandir, a quiet place for meditation.  
I was very keen that I visit Aurvelle and meditate in this place; unfortunately it did not happen due to various reasons. Still my desire to be in this place was so great that somehow I reached with the help of my friends, hired a private transport for a whole day and reached this place.

As soon as we reach there are volunteers who help us and guide us; the centre volunteers guide you to view a video about understanding the concept of human unity. There are also vehicles that take you to Matrumandir viewing point, it’s a km shaded walk from the main entrance. For those who are finding difficulty in walking can go by the bus provided by the centre. There is no entrance fee.

I was filled with awe and admiration… as the weather was very hot we preferred to go by the bus there were also two other families. The bus stops at a particular point and then we can walk around the place. In first thing I saw here was a huge banyan tree which is supposed to be 100 years old, this tree was fenced and its stood majestically with branches hung low and some of the branches have even become trees.
oldest Banyan Tree
In my eagerness I clicked a few pictures standing near the tree and also clicking the total tree which was so huge, so I had to move a bit far to get the complete picture of this tree. The whole place is green covered completely with trees, maintained neatly and I walked along with my daughter and friend. We stopped at the view point to see the Matrumandir, sat down for some time, and enjoyed the quietness, cool breeze – it’s a lovely place for a retreat and to meditate here would be a privilege.
closer to the meditation centre
We were there for some time and clicked a few pictures, went around this place ordered for lunch, there was variety of meals, healthy plate, for those who prefer to go raw and want to detoxify, then there was also mini meals, the regular south Indian thali and there is also non vegetarian for chicken lovers. We ordered differently to taste the variety and visited the shops wherein scented soaps, candle sticks, incense sticks, jewelry, clothes were sold.  

I liked this place and hope to visit and stay for a longer duration. For more information you may log on http://www.auroville.org

The beaches are a great attraction in this place and there are so many. The one we visited was the paradise beach, which has an entry ticket and you go by the boat to the beach that has a pickup and drop; you can spend the day till 5.30 p.m. this beach was beautiful, we had a great time in this place. The other one was the promenade which is amidst the city, and closer to the Aurobindo ashram.

On the way to paradise beach
There are also some very old churches; we visited a few and also a temple. The ice-cream parlor at the promenade beach is tempting, there are also interesting places to eat... we enjoyed the sea food at the Chettinad Restaurants and evening hours we preferred to have light south Indian Tiffin, like idly, dosa, chapatti, upma  as most the lunches were delayed and it was too full to again have dinner.
We also went around the city to the Sunday market; as I just love to walk around window shopping, buying nothing in particular... picked up only scented incense sticks for David as he uses it every day for prayer.
ice cream of different flavours

Fruit Salad
I am grateful for this break as it gave me some time to be away from work, daily routine of household chores and also to be away from everything that can be worrying and demanding too much of  my energy draining me out and killing the joy of living. This quote is just appropriate one to express what I feel deep within.

“Its very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus and find creative solutions to problems” Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Matrumandir is truly beautiful - as are all your photographs Genevive! How wonderful to walk around the banyan tree. Also to meditate in such beautiful surroundings. The quote of Thich Nhat Hanh says it all ... thank you for this lovely post Genevieve.

  2. It is beautiful and calm Susan.. like the ambience there and feel like just hanging around that place doing nothing.. am glad that you like this post...


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