September 7, 2015

Today’s Gratitude List + Link up For September 2015.

I have plenty of things to be grateful for: I am only listing the  top most on my list:

Ready to Church 2002

Ready to Church -  2015

My daughter’s birthday today, and I am very happy and grateful for her in my life, for the beautiful gift that she is; I am grateful for her growing up years, for all those who were part of my life, accompanying me in various forms to help me bring up my daughter who will complete 14years….. So I am feeling “top of the world” for the last 14 years, there is too much to write…. Enjoyed every bit of my journey with my little girl who is now in her teens.  This day is filled with memorable moments and joy!

Today is also Tabitha’s Birthday, my nephews little daughter, a pure bundle of joy; and we have always loved and enjoyed her company, her grandmother style of talking and the expressions are simple the cutest; and we never know how the time flies in her company, I am grateful for her in our lives, as she shares her birthday with my daughter.

I am grateful to my mother-in-law who made an effort to make sambar with drumsticks (dal) and sent it to my daughter. We appreciated in her old age for the gesture and also happy that she is able to live on her own. 

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I am also grateful to the beautician who lives close by; and is always kind and generous with her service.  I have always gone for the last one decade for my hair cut, and also taken my daughter to her… I admire her simplicity and the courage for having faced a traumatic situation, wherein one fine day, she gets the news that, her husband is killed in a car accident.  

Beauty Parlour cum residence
She is a young widow  with two sons my daughter’s age, managing her life.  I am inspired by the way she has coped with the situation and runs a beauty parlor just closer to my place. She is also very creative and I am impressed with some of her creative works.

I am grateful for the Good health of me and our family;

The ability to do our individual work and manage ourselves independently

I am thankful for the computer which enables me to connect with so many bloggers who inspire me...

Today I am glad for double birthday celebrations and good loving neighbors and friends around who makes our life lighter and happier..

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Sounds like you are surrounded by lovely people! Definitely a reason for gratitude.

  2. To be surrounded by loved one's and relationships that are positive and energising is a great blessing in life ! and thats what makes life meaningful too... thanks Laurel.

  3. Belated birthday wishes to your Dorothy! God bless her with all smiles and success in life. The sambhar looks so tempting and more so when it is made with love! Enjoyed reading your Gratitude post, Genevive. ♥

    1. Thanks Shilpa for the wishes and your kind words... glad you enjoyed this post:)


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