September 5, 2015

8 Photos of Happy Moments !

I am glad to take part in this 8 photos of happiness tag; as I love albums and its my favourite past time, when I read vidya’s post I was glad to get this information. So here out of so many photos I picked up whatever I could get hold…. As there are so many of them. These are some very special ones of my life.

Thanks Vidya for inspiring me to do this post

The birth of my daughter was a memorable moment of my life; having married late in my life, and when everyone around me felt that I may not conceive at all, I saw before my eyes a miracle – my first child was born.  I was in a complete state of gratitude having endured 18 hours of pain as the doctors were trying for a normal delivery, and finally had to give up on emergency to a C section … despite all the discomforts, it was pure joy to see my baby girl.

This picture was taken when I was taking her to the church for a baptism ceremony. We named her Maria Dorothy as our family members are devotees of mother Mary, and Dorothy meant Gift of God. Maria Dorothy was just one month old, a happy child, always smiling and slept throughout the naming ceremony.

Maria Dorothy’s first day in school, the photo shows her in the school uniform ready to go to school. We were so happy and surprised that she never cried, even though we found so many children crying around her being the first day in school. She was smiling and happily entered the class room.

This picture was taken when Maria won the fancy dress competition, she stood first as a lambada girl, and her father was so happy and proud, David and Maria posing for a photo in the school premises, while I got busy clicking the pictures.

That’s Mario Emmanuel, my son hugging me with joy, the season was Christmas, all of us are dressed up to go to the church, Emmanuel was playing around while the other family members were getting ready, and when I came out ready – he just came running around and hugged me with a smile, while my daughter Maria Dorothy captured this moment; an it has become unforgettable in my life, as my son is no more…. This picture brought in some very sweet moments of my life.

Maria Dorothy and Mario Emmanuel at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Viveknagar, Bangalore. This was one of our family trips to this shrine and both of them were playing in the church compound and my son is literally made to pose for the camera, as he held a rose and feeling tickled.

This was taken in a photo studio, it was the birthday of my daughter, and she was first time wearing a long skirt and dressed up with all the accessories, she was so happy that we stopped the auto and took her to the photo studio to click this photo where she is happily smiling.

I enjoy riding, and am happy learning to ride this brand new bike and feeling thrilled. Bike has always been a great companion friend of mine; I am so much attached to this bike that I practically use this vehicle for everything; riding to my workplace, picking up groceries, picking and dropping my daughter to the bus stop, paying up the bills, visits to the bank, post office, hospital, and there is an endless list of things to do. I feel very happy as I ride feeling the freshness of the breeze, and getting things done quickly.

This was Christmas celebration at YWCA and Maria participated in the fancy dress competition and got the first prize. My husband David took the effort of helping her to dress up like a tree, bringing all the required material to make her look like a tree, while I was busy writing my last exam completing Msc Psychology. I remember walking in directly from the examination hall to the celebration and embracing my daughter, congratulating for winning the first prize.

I am glad to attempt this post today; and you are most welcome to take this forward. Following are the rules:

8 Photos of Happiness Tag has been created by Ariel Ward and I invite all of you who are interested to take this happy tag forward. The rules are simple.

  • Tag me on your post if you take this up.
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  • Link the creater (Ariel’s little corner of the internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness- the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes your happy.  You can give a brief write up or let the pictures speak.
  • Spread happiness and invite others.
Be Blessed &Be Happy


  1. Hi Angela,

    Thank you for taking up the tag and for sharing these absolutely precious moments in pictures! I felt your joy and happiness!



    1. Thanks Vidya, I am glad to be connected with you, I would not have done it, if I had not read your post, thanks for being an all time inspiration, spreading happiness and joy around...hugs to you..

  2. Hey mom, awsm pics and wonderful memories which brought a smile on my face !! :) :)

    1. Hi babe, am glad that you could remember and smile... love and hugs to you :)

  3. Some amazing photos with beautiful memories! ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, for a brief moment I was transported back to my past.... which made me smile and filled me with gratitude for the present....


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